Sunday, 1 May 2011

Right To Information - 2005 !!!

I could remember a famous one liner in many movies - "Information is Wealth" !!! Now our Government has realized the same and as come forward for transparency in its operations !!! This post is all about RTI Act - 2005 !!! Its the duty of every one of us to have knowledge about this act !!! Let me make an attempt to give a good write up on the same !!!
Right To Information Act was passed on 2005 !!!

RTI Act in simple is to increase transparency and accountability in working of every public authority !!!

Suppose, I go to RTO office for applying licence !!! I am asked to drive the desired vehicle !!! After doing it successfully, my licence gets rejected !!!

Before RTI Act - I will come back home, thinking of applying for licence after Six months !!!

After RTI Act - I can demand explanation for my rejection !!! I can ask the concerned person to give in written, the reason for rejection !!!

This RTI Act is applicable in all Stated of India except Jammu and Kashmir !!!

How to use RTI ?!?!?

Government has appointed State Information Officer or Central Information Officer for every division !!! We shall approach them for clarity in information !!! We shall give our query in paper or mail !!! We will be charged processing fee for required information !!!

Once our paper is handed over to information officer, within 30 days of time - we can expect an answer !!!

State / Central information officers are given power to contact any department for any sort of information !!!

In case of any additional information needed from our side, they may contact us within period of 30 days and seek for extension in duration !!! Fee may also be varied in case of deep investigation !!!

In case, we request for any confidential details (which comes under Official Secrets Act 1923), our query may be rejected with reason of rejection and name of person enquired !!!

The person who wish to get information shall provided his contact details to information officer !!! He has no need to explain the need of the information to anyone !!!

In case, if information officer failed to give the details within period of 30 days, we can appeal to their superiors !!!

Now - Some Hidden Changes that RTI Act has brought !!!

Since RTI Act is implemented and Information Officers are appointed, now its duty of public authority officers to maintain records to back up their decision !!!

Consider I am a officer in charge for allocating tender !!! You are my friend !!! I need you to get the tender !!! So I violate norms and award you the tender !!!

This story is possible only till 2005 !!! After passage of RTI Act, clear and common guidelines for selection of party must be displayed and submitted to information officers !!! Also all office details, including organogram and duties and responsibilities of every individual in office has been submitted on 100th day of introduction of RTI Act !!!

So any decision to be taken, shall be taken based on the norms submitted !!!

In my view, RTI Act is the biggest weapon given in our hands !!! But unless we don't know to use it, there is no use in it !!! It is our duty to educate our self about RTI act and also to educate others about the same !!!

For more details about RTI Act, click here !!!

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