Friday, 27 May 2011

Sensitive !!!

The word sensitive itself is very sensitive !!! A man without any sensation is said to be dead !!! But sometimes, too much sensation also misleads us !!! There are some situations were we need to act senseless !!! This post is all about sensitiveness !!!

We are sensitive when we are born !!! That is why we are treated with special kids when we were kids !!! As we grow up, our immunity increases and so we are treated normal !!!

But this post is not about body sensitivity !!! Its about sensitivity of human brain and heart !!!

Some people gets hurt very easily !!! A single rough sentence will pay the price !!! Many people even take foolish decision because of this sensibility factor !!! But business gurus says, being insensitive at some cases is a wise choice !!!

We everyone might have experienced this !!! Our dad or mom might have some hectic time from office !!! They might have return home with that tension in their mind and when we just play with them usually, they show their anger on us !!!

This happens !!! There are few houses in which girl / boy even avoid talking with their parents for few silly reasons like this !!! This phenomenon is known as sensitivity !!!

After all our parents are also humans !!! As electricity finds a low resistance path to travel, our parents found the more closer path to discharge their anger !!! Can our dad scold a third person !?!?? He can scold us !!! But naturally after discharging his anger, he will be coming back to us to compromise us !!! This is called love and affection !!!

Takes things lightly !!! Memory loss is the greatest gift given by God to human !!! If I remember my everyday life from primary school, probably I will be having many enemies !!! Forgive and Forgot are the words of 21st century !!!

Its better to forget than to forgive !!!

I never mean you to be insensitive !!! But act to situation !!! If being insensitive for a moment can solve your problem without any loss, then why can;t we try doing it ?!?!?

Most of the problems relating to computer can be solved just by Restarting !!! Similarly, most of problems that we have can be solved just by forgetting !!!

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  1. Hope u had good experience...

  2. Of course !!! I mostly share my own experience here !!!