Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Thank you Teachers !!!

Scientifically speaking our mind grasp things more quickly when we are young !!! This is the reason we are fluent with our mother language !!! But now some kids even amaze us with their knowledge !!! This post is all about kids advice to parents !!!

This is my 100th Post in this blog !!! I thank all the visitors / followers / fellow mates for their support in making this blog reach this level !!! Hope you enjoyed the trip with us till now and we will also make sure you enjoy our blog in future !!!

I always believe that primary school teachers have a great role in shaping the kids !!! Kids listen to them seriously and observe them in their day to day life !!! I even wonder why few parents spend thousands for their kid's kindergarten !!! But some qualified and experienced teachers in KG just take life of our kid to next level !!!

They explain the kids more about general knowledge, wise deeds, good and bad practice !!! This has bought tremendous change in their life !!!

Research says 40 % of parents fear to commit mistake before their child !!! If a kid sees his / her father with cigar, it just pours water in cigar pocket !!! Kid starts advising parents to save electricity !!! Not to burst crackers !!!

Where all these came from ?!!?!? I am sure our educational system is not as good to introduce this in young age !!! When we are all grown up and when we all are matured enough in doing things in wrong way - our education system will tell us right way !!!

This knowledge is given by their teachers and media !!! Media propagates and teacher propels !!! The exposure a kid gets is far more than a parent gets !!! The thinking and analytical capacity is at its best when we are kids !!!

Before few years, the Govt encouraged female education !!! This is because, if a girl is educated the family becomes educated !!! But now the trend is education of kids !!! That too in smart way !!! Let the kid listen to news and let the kid listen to good and bad's of life !!!

Let me tell you some practical example !!! A year before Mr. A.P.J. Kalam inaugurated a science exhibition !!! It was for students below 12 years !!! There were many mind blowing innovations !!!

1. Driver's Alarm !!! If driver's hand is not in steering or in gear for 2 minutes continuously, the alarm starts blowing giving a indication that driver is using mobile phone !!!
2. A shoe with a portable vacuum cleaner !!! It cleans our walking area !!!

There were many such innovations !!! But one lesson can be surely learnt from this !!! Young mind is working in a creative way !!! I am damn sure that the kid who invented driver's alarm will never allow his parents to use mobile while driving !!!

A kid who invented vacuum cleaner will never drop a piece of paper in road !!!

This awareness is what essential !!! This awareness is now developing !!! These are signs for bright future of India !!!

The awareness that my dad had at age of 12 was definitely less than what I had at the same age !!! I need to accept that my son / daughter will also use the same phrase !!! This represents growth and development !!! This is growing trend !!!

Developed Nations are never worried about our mind !!! They worry about mind of our children and grand children !!! This is because of our exponential increase in awareness of our young generation !!!

So lets motivate our kids !!! Help them become more smarter than what we were !!! Make them listen the current happenings !!! Young brain may analyze better than us !!! They can come out with some mind blowing innovations !!! Don't enforce your thoughts in them !!! Let them independent !!! This is my kind request !!!

Finally, Thank you teachers for your excellent work !!! I request every teacher to keep child updated with current happenings and good and bad practices !!! Though its not in syllabus, these scores more than the subject does !!! I am here because of some good teachers I got !!! I dedicate this post to all my teachers who acted as a a sculptures in shaping my life !!!

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  1. It is good to make such observations and highlight it to others through these networking sites. Nice to give good suggestions to parents.