Saturday, 14 May 2011

Brain - Everyone of us have !!!

This post is all about Brain !!! Some ways and means to control our brain !!! Everyone knows that human brain is faster than the fastest computer !!! In this post I have shared something about the brain and how to control our brain !!!
Every human have brain !!! No child in this universe is born without brain !!! When a baby is inside the mother's stomach, 2500 Neurons are developed every second !!! This development of neuron continues for 90 days !!! Hence human brain has 1400 crore neuron !!!

The number of neuron is common for all individual independent of sex, caste, creed etc !!!

Now lets begin this discussion !!!

Research says, heart is stronger than brain !!! Because heart can control brain !!! This is why we become emotional, we love, we hate etc !!! But the contradiction is that, brain cannot control heart !!!

For making it more clear - many of us think that money is essential for living happily !!!

Imagine if there is no phenomenon called heart, mind will keep on thinking about money and involve in all malpractices which  gives money !!! Mind may force you kill your own friends or parents for money - and more importantly you also will be doing it !!!

Hence these two things gets interconnected for a successful life !!! Now, everyone says human uses only 10 percentage of his brain !!! Though there is no proven statements in this regard, more acceptable statement goes like this !!!

"We human beings make use of 10% of our brain at any point of time !!! But we can also use more than this percentage if needed !!!"

In detail, consider I am now typing this post !!! I use 10% of the my brain which are responsible for seeing and typing !!! By this time, the brain cells which are responsible for walking are at rest !!! It doesn't mean that I couldn't walk !!! I could walk, but not necessarily now !!! So this myth is that we at a particular point of time use only 10% of our brain !!! This is why when particular group of brain cell dies, function of particular organ / body part gets failed !!!

For efficient function of brain, heart has to be stress free !!! Getting addicted to bad practice or getting addicted to some unwanted activities creates distraction in our brain !!! Our brain starts attending unnecessary subjects thereby leaving essential features necessary for our goal !!!

Mirror neuron is responsible for building of stress in us !!! How does it works ?!!?

Let me tell you an example !!! Consider I am a pure vegetarian !!! When someone is eating non-veg near me in such a frustrating manner with lot of sounds, my heart gets stressed !!! It forced brain to do something !!! This is why my brain either asks me to walk away from that place or involve in a fight !!!

Finally, every human breath 10 -12 times a minute !!! But research says if we are capable of reducing the breathing cycle to 6 - 8 times / minute, we would be able to acquire our full strength !!!

To achieve this, daily meditation, exercise and yoga are some tools !!! Even going for vegetables which grew over the ground shall be preferred for healthy brain !!!

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