Monday, 30 May 2011

Communication !!!

We may be a genius !!! But others may not know it unless we express it !!! Communication is not just word or not just speech !!! Its an ocean which can never be measured !!! In this post I share few things about communication !!!

The word communication speaks for itself !!! It is sharing of thought !!! Read carefully !!! Its sharing of thoughts !!! Not dictating of thoughts !!! Communication is a two way process !!! Listen and Speak !!! But many of us just speak and never worry about listening to others !!!

In Recent scenario its not necessary for everyone to know Hindi, English or any other language !!! But its most essential to know the body language !!! Its such a big subject !!! The same word can be given multiple meaning with various body language !!!

There are various parameters which decide our communication at a particular time !!! One of the most important parameter is personnel to whom we are talking to !!! Some people may even face hundreds of audience without any fear, but can never speak a word before their parents or lover !!!

Some people are expert in speaking in home !!! But when they are to speak before their boss or a crowd, they may get their tongue tied !!!

But one point I wanna insist is that, What to talk to whom and when decides our communication skills !!! To prove my communication power, I can't explain management theory to a layman in advance English !!! I will even disappoint my boss if I explain him in layman terms !!!

So better know your audience before you deliver !!! Know what they need from you and prepare to deliver it !!!

Next important thing is be precise !!! All people may not be as good as this blog readers !!! Be short and sweet !!! Time management is the key for a good communicator !!!

Next comes punctuations and emotions !!! People like me talk more in emotional language !!! If I start talking emotionally, there wont be any voice modulation, my pitch will raise and no punctuations whatsoever !!! Avoid your emotions during speech !!! Let your brain decide what to speak !!!

And foremost important thing is, listen to others !!! If the number of visitors to this blog goes down gradually, it means I need to improve !!! Its not essential for me to wait for you people to tick on improve check box !!! Like that, when taking to someone just see their face !!! If they yarn or their body posture changes or if they display any tiredness, better limit your speech !!!

Lastly, a scientific fact - Human brain can concentrate continuously for not more than 20 minutes !!! So don't take more time for your speech !!!

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