Monday, 2 May 2011

Attitude - God's Game !!!

There are many miseries in this World !!! I would say, Attitude of an individual will be leading all those miseries !!! Our creator is remarkably an intelligent person !!! Though there are crores and crores of people in this universe, none have similar behaviour !!!

We all have heard and its even partially proved that, we do what we see !!! If that is the case, we should be carbon copy of our dad and mom !!! But are we like that !!!??? Even many of us would be right against them !!!

I would also like to appreciate our self for a moment !!! One universal fact is that - "Human cannot reproduce a sentence spelled by him, as it was" !!!

In brief, I say a sentence today !!! If you ask me to repeat same sentence tomorrow, probably most of us cannot reproduce the same !!! WE can come out with new sentence exactly of same meaning !!! But not of old sentence !!!

God has also done the same !!! In many aspects many Human have common feelings but we also differ in many aspects !!!

For example, I like Sachin !!! There is nothing unique if you too love sachin !!! Anjali madam cannot fight with us for this !!!

But since we both like sachin, we can't say we both have same mentality !!! Our opinion converges in this common point !!!

Generally, we never spent time in analyzing ourself !!! Generally Americans invest lot of time on analyzing Indian's attitude !!!

Recent survey states that, Indians worry lot about tomorrow and spoil today !!! It is nothing new for us !!! I have not told any new news in this post, yet !!!

But one thing, For reaching tomorrow, we must exist today !!! I have seen many people saving their earning of the day for tomorrow !!! But one thing for them - What is the guarantee that tomorrow exist ?!!?

I never meant to say that saving is bad !!! But I mean to say that, live for today too !!! You will surely earn tomorrow also !!!

One big finding in recent scenario, is the mentality of Indians in job !!!

Its pity that most of us have common attitude in this regard !!! We are generally not so confident about our job !!! We fear in our workplace !!! We fear for our salary !!! We fear of loosing job !!! This are the indications that we don't have belief in our capability !!!

No-one can shatter you if you are confident !!!

There is nothing new in this post !!! Also I believe there is no need for saying something new everyday !!!

Man has found device to shape diamond, platinum and anything in the world !!! But only thing which we can shape only by ourself is our attitude !!! Lets give it a right shape !!! Tool to be used for shaping our attitude is self realization !!! Know about you fully !!! Imagine how it will hurt when you speak to others !!! Realize your strengths and act on weakness !!! Lets develop a truly appreciable attitude in us !!!

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