Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Innovation - Do we possess ?!?!?!?

I have heard many people using this word - Innovation !!! But, do we exhibit innovation ?!!??! If you believe you possess the power of innovation, this post may help you bring out your innovative power to reality !!!

Now, what is innovation ?

In simple it is creation of something new !!!

Then, why can't we call innovation as invention ?!?!?!

Invention is also creating something new !!! But all inventors are not innovators !!! However, inventors can contribute to innovators !!!

Innovation is commercializing invention !!!

World wide accepted definition for both these words are,

"An important distinction is normally made between invention and innovation. Invention is the first occurrence of an idea for a new product or process while innovation is the first attempt to carry it out into practice."

One Real Time example to explain innovation and invention !!!

In 1947, AT&T Laboratories was the first company to device transistor in the World !!! Of course they had patent too !!! It was an amazing invention !!! But they could not market it in the real World !!! In 1952, they sold the patent to Texas instrument, Sony for $25.000 !!! They were satisfied with it !!! But years later, Sony and Texas made billions and billions !!!

Here what I mean to say is - THINK BIG !!!

Even after invention of World's first transistor, AT&T could not value themselves !!! They were satisfied with what they get !!! That's the reason for their loss in market !!!

Now lets see what is the fundamental thing for innovation ?!?!!?

Concepts ; Ideas ; Talented team ; Education etc !!!

All these may assist you to achieve your invention !!! But all what you need for innovation is Thinking !!! Dreaming !!! Decision !!! Challenge !!!

In detail, for achieving something new - u need to decide what new you will do !!! This is where your imagination power shall come into play !!!

Let me tell you an example !!! Car Manufactures around the World kept on targeting high class people !!! They went on marketing cars which were more comfortable and are more costlier !!!

Tata Nano was the innovation !!! Mr. Ratan Tata challenged that he could market a car for Rs. 1 Lak !!! Everyone in car manufacturing field gossiped that it is practically impossible !!!

But he did it !!! Innovation here is - Targeting the middle class people !!! 

This single idea, did it !!! There are many talents to work !!! 

When our assumption about what we can do are based on what we have done so far, we limit our self !!!

I agree !!! The path you chose for innovation will be tougher than trekking a mountain !!! You would have to face thousands of challenges !!! You should satisfy your team mates, stack holders and investors !!!

There is two option for every problem !!!

"Give it up"

"Fight back"

I have seen many people using practicality or realistic or safety as the prime reason for Giving up !!!

Then does it means, being realistic or practical means being pessimistic !?!?

Have a dream !!! Chase your dream, with your inbuilt talent !!! Make a team needed to achieve your dream !!! Never turn back !!! Never give it up !!!

Make sure there is no end, unless you WIN !!!

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