Monday, 16 May 2011

Problem !!!

We are very much comfortable with this word - Problem !!! We are grown up by preaching that, be equipped to face problems !!! When I fed up with today's problem, my friends use to say - This is not at all a problem, you are bound to face many in future !!! Is it a gift or curse ?!?!? This post is all about problems !!!

You can this question to anyone - What is your problem ?!?!!? Almost 99% of people will be capable of replying you !!! This is because we see problem in everything !!!

We people confuse problems with challenges !!! Challenges our goals !!! The things which we need to overcome !!! Positive attitude leads to challenges !!! And the antonyms of these phrases apt for problems !!!

We are comfortable in saying that I live with problems !!! This is because, in problematic situation, if i achieve a drop - I could enlarge it like ocean !!! In spite of his problem he succeeded !!! This is what we want !!!

We all knew every problem has solution !!! But the problem is identifying the problem !!!

The fact is we people act on effect rather than cause !!! Typical example is our exam results !!!

When I fail in exam, my reason for failure may be the strict supervision or power cut during a day before exam !!! But can strict supervision and power cut be a problem ?!?!?! The real problem is my ignorance towards the subject !!! I never took the subject serious or I have never brushed up my syllabus from first day !!!

Since this two factors are easy to solve, we state this as problem !!! Our parents will buy an inverter or emergency lamp and now our problem is solved !!!

Is it correct ?!?! Is this our problem finding capability !?!?

We are expert in finding problems or negatives !!! Don't know why, after some stage human become negative in view !!!

Let me tell you an example !!! I meet a new person today !!! I develop friendship with him !!! That time, if you ask me I could explain 100 positive points about him !!! But as the time goes, my view on him changes and only his negative points remain in my mind !!! This is classic example !!!

Many of us would have experienced this ?!?!? What makes us think like that !?!?! In next post, I will deal with the example stated above !!!

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