Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mark Determines your IQ !!!??

This is the question, most of us have in our mind !!! If a boy / girl is not scoring good marks, he is certified as scrap or a person with less IQ !!! This post is to communicate that there are various other factors other than marks, to decide our IQ !!!
Let me start with a real time situation !!! When I was studying in school, we people used to certify a guy as first rank holder !!! It is because, almost in all probability that guy will be scoring first mark !!!

There used to be parents teachers meet after every examination !!! During that time, many parents used to wait and meet first rank holder's parents !!! The topic of discussion would be,

1. How much time a day your guy watches TV ?
2. What channel does he see more ?
3. What language you speak ?
4. What is his studying time ?
5. Which tutor coaches him ?
and the list is unending !!!

All these questions are asked because, they want to make their kid follow the same !!! Doesn't this make us laugh !??! Who knows, after 10 years - We may also do the same !!!

Every child is special !!! They have come to this world by us, not for us !!! Every one will have something hidden inside them !!! Many times parents fail to discover the under laying talents !!!

Now something scientific !!!

1. Every brain is divided into Right and Left Brain !!!
2. Left brain is responsible for Logical reasoning and studies !!!
3. Right brain is responsible for Kinetic intelligence, Musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence etc !!!
4. IQ of any person can be analyzed by considering both the brain in total !!!

Now, coming back to practicality,

Parents might be discussing an issue in their room, in front of the child !!! Assume they discuss something secret !!! Assume, the child leaked the secret to all and it managed to explain it such that everyone understood !!! 99 % of parents will get anger and will smash the child !!! But how many of us will realize that our child has good communication skills !!!

At this age, if a child can explain a secret to the gathering, if it is given proper training in the same field - in future the child could become one the greatest speaker !!!

We need to improve in this - Finding the internal talents !!!

We have heard this - World's talented minds are from last bench !!! We can refer Bill Gates or any scholar as example !!!

Lets practice to see the World in wide angle !!! Failing in a subject is not the end of the road !!! Also scoring 100 does not ensure your talent also !!!

More than Lak students score 100% in maths every year !!! But we still have only one Ramanujam and Only one Aryabatta !!!

While writing this topic, Monster's advertisement comes into my mind !!! Right person for right job !!!

Let's realize the talents of our kid !!! Let's motivate them in their stream !!! Let's give them the field they really inspire - so that they could excel in that field !!!

Trivia : India has many hard workers who mould them for their work !!! But very less people have selected the field which could fit them !!!

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