Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Facebook can also be useful !!!

Most of us use Facebook for entertainment purpose only !!! But many of us are not aware of some useful applications which can be utilized for our self development such as job search !!! This post is dedicated to Facebook Applications !!!

Its relatively better than Job Search !!! Because, It offers career networking too !!! Users can join the Talent Networks of different companies, receive personalized job alerts based on career interest, receive career advice from Facebook networks, post resumes online and search a jobs database !!!


Its Book Bee's time !!! One of the most active Facebook applications, this application lets users build a virtual bookshelf on their Facebook profile featuring books that they have and want to read !!!  Users can also browse their friends’ collections !!! Users read and write book reviews and ultimately recommend book reading lists to friends !!!  As an added feature, users can also share their bookshelf with non-Facebook friends via ReadingSocial !!!


Its similar to Google Docs !!! User can upload any document to their profile and share with their friends !!!


This application lets users specify Facebook contacts who can send messages directly to their cell phone from Facebook !!!  Users’ mobile phone numbers are kept confidential to avoid spam and prevent unnecessary text messages !!!

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