Thursday, 5 May 2011

India - Operation Success but Patient Dead !!!

India has improved it's production tremendously !!! Let it be technology or agriculture or even population, we are creating records !!! Our hard works are earning fruitful results nowadays !!!
India - A country whose prime occupation is Agriculture !!! We have one of the largest agricultural set up in the World !!! Our food production has gone up tremendously this year !!! But even then, food price have also reached the record price !!!

May be since everything is rising, we are simply watching food price also to rise !?!?!?

India is a land where nearly 41 % of people are below International poverty level !!! Though we have record production, why this percentage has never come down ?!?!?!?

This scenario reminds me about a famous phrase - Operation Success but Patient Died !!!

We have increased production and its our target !!! Taking it to end consumer is not our scope !!!

The reason is, our Crop storage methodology !!!

There is always close competition between crop storage department and register department !!! Hope you understood !!!

Food Corporation of India (FCI) and Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) and 17 State Warehousing Corporations are the public sectors involved in building large scale storage and warehousing capacity in India !!!

What are they doing !?!?!? Who is there to monitor their performance ?!?!?

FCI has the largest Warehousing system with the storage capacity of over 24.33 Million tonnes in almost 1451 godowns all over India !!!

CWC operated 514 Warehouses with the storage capacity of about 10.27 Million tonnes !!! Other than storage, CWC performs disinfection also !!!

Everyone of us know that our storage capacity is not capable enough of meeting our production !!!

I have heard a story that, if Japanese want to call for strike, they double up the production thereby decreasing the demand of the product !!!

Similarly, our Govt shows the increase in production !!! But where the actual storage is !?!?!? No statistics about the percentage increase in storage capacity !!!

We could visibly see, tonnes of crops stored getting wasted and being smuggled by some private parties, to increase demand !!!

There is totally different level of corruption in distribution stage of the crops stored !!!

Let me take Tamil Nadu as example !!! Actual Rate of 1 kg Rice is Rs. 27 !!! People are paying Rs. 1 / Kg whereas Govt pays Rs. 26 / Kg !!!

Now the crop owner gets 27 / Kg !!! This crops are sent to Ration shops of various places !!! There, the black marketers pay Rs. 2/Kg and get back the rice from ration shops and sell it for 27 /Kg in their shop !!!

This is the real scenario !!!  This is not only happening in Tamil Nadu !!! But in almost all places over India !!!

Many Govt have come in state and central !!! Why no-one acted in this direction !!!??? Why can't government display their crop storage godowns and Warehouses photos to public !!!??? Why Media is not interested in this area !?!? Why can't Govt think about renovating the current trend of storage ?!!?!?

There comes thousand questions in my mind !!! But I need everyone of you to ask these questions !!! Lets make a beginning !!! Lets bring a positive change !!!

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