Saturday, 21 May 2011

Protect your Password !!!

As our World gets modernized, thefts are also been taken to next level !!! Now recent trend is Password hacking !!! We live in the World of competitions !!! We can't blame others for hacking our password, instead its better to make our password strong !!! This post gives you some tips about how to make your password !!!
Study says that, 50% of password users have SIX digit password !!! All those SIX digits are either small alphabets or numerals !!!

ex : abcdef OR 123456 OR awdsfer etc !!!

It is reported that at least 1 Million passwords are hacked every month !!! Even then, people never stop using passwords like abc123 !!!

Now here comes the tips for selecting your password and make it strong !!!

If you have SIX digit password,

All Lower case - 10 minutes.
Lower + Upper case - 10 hours.
Lower + Upper + Number & Symbol - 18 days.

If you have SEVEN digit password,

All Lower case - 4 hours.
Lower + Upper case - 23 days.
Lower + Upper + Number & Symbol - 4 years.

If you have EIGHT digit password,

All Lower case - 4 days.
Lower + Upper case - 3 years.
Lower + Upper + Number & Symbol - 463 years.

If you have NINE digit password,

All Lower case - 4 months.
Lower + Upper case - 178 years.
Lower + Upper + Number & Symbol - 44,530 years.

Now you could have realized the permutations and combinations and time spent for hacking a password !!! The time duration mentioned here has a reason !!! You need to change your password after specific duration !!!

For example, you have NINE digit (all lower case) password - then you need to change your password every 4 months !!!

Experts advise is to have NINE digit password which contains at least one number and one upper case letter !!! 

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