Monday, 9 May 2011

Nuclear Power - An in-depth Analysis !!!

India can become supreme power only if Nuclear Energy is utilized for power production - It is the statement by Government !!! But is it true !!??! This post is drafted by me with an intention to promote awareness about nuclear energy !!! This post may give you a unbiased view about Nuclear energy !!!
Firstly, Nuclear power generation can be broadly classified into FOUR stages !!!

1. Uranium Mining
2. Fuel Enrichment
3. Power Generation
4. Waste Disposal

Studies say that, radiation increases multi-fold at each stage !!!

Till date, no technology has been opted for efficient disposal of Uranium Wastes !!! Also these wastes can emit radiation for about 1000 years from date of disposal !!!

Few countries use, Depleted Uranium (waste arising from Nuclear plant) for making bombs !!! America once used this DU bomb in Iraq !!! People who have weak heart, continue reading the post !!! People with strong heart and who are interested in seeing the result of usage of DU, click here !!!

Do you know why Nuclear Plants are located in scarcely populated location !?!?!?

Because it is found that, Uranium mines, Fuel enrichment facility, Nuclear plant and disposal area can emit radiation up to a radius of 30 - 35 KM under NORMAL OPERATING CONDITION !!!

But in India, we have many villages closer to our nuclear facilities !!! So they may be exposed to nuclear radiation all the time !!!

What can a exposure to Radiation do ?!?!!?

Cancer in next 2 - 60 years !!!
Deformed babies FOREVER !!!
Impacts Vegetation !!! Agriculture produce is bound to carry unacceptable amount of radio active content !!!

Again, if you are a strong hearted person and wanna see the effect of Nuclear radiation on human, click here !!!

The below shown picture shows the existing and upcoming nuclear plants in India !!!

Under Normal operating condition, radius of 30 - 35 Km gets affected !!! But if any Mishap occurs, how it could impact India - see in figure below !!!

I could hear many people saying - Think positive !!! But as a Safety Professional, its my duty to think negative and implement positive steps !!!

Here are few Trivia, which you might find interesting !!!

  • Electricity demand may rise to 8,00,000 MW by 2032 to sustain 8% Growth !!!
  • As per Govt Record, projected energy production by Nuclear Plant is just 60,000 MW
  • Solar Energy has potential to supply to feed Earth 1000 times !!!
  • We can save 30 % increase demand by using energy efficient products and creating awareness !!!
  • America leads the World in Solar energy - whereas renewable energy remains un-researched in India (except Gujarat)
Finally, one shocking news !!! For producing 9,900 MW of power at Jaitapur Nuclear Plant, Govt has invested Rs. 10,00,00,00,00,000 (in short 1 Lak Crore) !!! It is multi-folds of amount spent in other power plants and of course, risk too multi-folds !!!

Back to Trivia,

  • Australia has no Nuclear Power plant !!!
  • America and Europe has never installed a power plant after 1977 & 1978 respectively !!!
  • Germany is shutting down all its existing Nuclear power plant !!!
My doubt is, if it is not so dangerous / risky WHY SHOULD DEVELOPED NATIONS OPT OUT OF NUCLEAR POWER ?!!?!?

Lastly, here comes a delightful news !!!

As per our Nuclear Civil Liabilities Bill,

  • Any Foreign company WILL NOT be held liable for ANY NUCLEAR ACCIDENTS on Indian soil, whatsoever !!!
  • They WILL NOT pay any compensation !!!
  • We can not SUE them in Indian or Foreign courts !!!
Now, it is up to you to decide your stand about Nuclear plant !!!

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  1. Great post about awareness of nuclear energy.

    Have you looked at Solar Power systems, these may seem like the new kid on the block but the reality is they have been around for over 70 years.
    There are solar panels in the Sahara Desert that have been running continually for 27 years in sandstorms and blazing heat, others that have been in space for over 50 years and going from -160 to +200 degrees C every 90 minutes!

  2. Thank you sir. Ur information was very helpful.

  3. Incorrect India Map