Monday, 23 May 2011

Natural Gift - Men & Women !!!

You can measure the depth of sea, but you can't guess what a women thinks !!! Men and Women have some unique characters !!! But everyone has expectations !!! Its always good to be informed about expectation of our equal half !!! This post is all about expectations and specialties !!!
We always expect others to be like us !!! We forget to realize that everyone has their own dreams and expectations !!! This post summarizes few specialties and expectations of men and women !!!

Specialties of Women & Men:

1. Women is best in multi tasking. She can perform her work at her best while chatting with her friend in phone !!! But men can perform only a job at a time !!!
2. Women are expert in catching men red handed when they lie !!! They do so because they are experts in observing the body moments and facial expression, always !!! Men are never known to posses this character !!!
3. Men are always self centered !!! They work for respect, victory, solution etc !!! But women thinks more about family, friends etc !!!
4. Since point 3 is true, women cannot concentrate on their job in case of any family problems !!! But men remain unaffected in this case !!!
5. Men can be happy with a good job !!! Women can be made happy with good family and affection !!!
6. Men has the capability of talking things in open !!! Whereas women are known for their indirect speech !!!
7. Women talk without thinking and man does without thinking !!!

These points are outcomes of recent survey held in 2010 !!!

Now comes expectations of Women:

1. Women wants men to listen to her carefully when she talks !!! She is extremely delighted when men follows her words !!!
2. Women expects men to be more soft natured !!! Especially, they expect men to talk with them often !!!
3. Women enjoy something off the chart !!! A surprise or unexpected gift can make them more happy !!!
4. Women never likes a men dominating her !!! But likes him protecting her !!!
5. Every women expects her men to be affectionate to her !!! 
6. Women hates lie !!!
7. Women are slave for praising !!!
8. They enjoy when men shares their work !!!

Now comes expectations of Men:

1. Men want their women to be their next mom !!!

Knowing each others expectations is always healthy !!! Lets never enforce our characteristics on others !!! No one can do your part better than you !!! So lets love each other with what we are !!!

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