Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Do you have solution ?!?!!?

Many of us are good in speaking !!! We speak big and comment on others very easily !!! But only few of us succeed when we are given the throne !!! This post is all about few decisions which we are forced to take to survive !!!

Let me start with practical example !!! India is a country of peace !!! India has never invaded any country for past 10000 years !!! But there are comments that India helped Srilanka in their fight against Tamilians !!! But did anyone thought why India did like that ?!?!!?

I may be wrong !!! You may not agree with me !!! But this is what I came to know from my research !!!

Though India is said to be peaceful country, its southern part is more safer than northern !!! Reason because majority of southern part of India has no Nations nearby !!!

Whereas in west we have Pakistan, East we have Nepal, China and Mayanmar !!! North India is also under spread of these two countries !!!

Suppose, Srilankan Govt has asked help from India !!! If India denies to help, China or Pakistan may help !!! They may set up their military tent there and start threatening south India also !!!

Probably this may be the reason !!! As I already mentioned, its my perception !!! Like this there are many other decision we take to safe guard ourself !!! Though it may look selfish !!!

If any of you have real solution for this problem, please come out with it !!!

There is an universal  proverb - Enemies Enemy is our friend !!! This is what forces us to take some decision sometimes !!! Sometimes we pay a lot for those wrong decision !!!

I will never blame China !!! They are our competitors in various fields !!! We both are top runners in becoming supremo power in near future !!! All fights are not fought in wise manner !!! Never forget this !!!

For taking a decision against Srilanka, we lost Mr. Rajiv Gandhi !!! And still now waves are there against Indian Govt !!! It always happens !!!

One more example !!! We can see many Nepal and Bangladesh people in our Nation !!! They roam free !!! Srilankan enter India since they know Tamil !!! Bangladeshi enter Bengal since they know Bengali !!! It is said that this migrant population is growing up day by day !!! Many terrorists use these routes to enter India !!!

But Govt cannot act strict in this issue !!! Though other states which are not in border are not interested in migrations, our Govt cannot stop this happening !!!

Let me ask you a simple question !!! If Tamil nadu was in east and West Bengal was in south, would this problem have happened ?!!?!?

I am sure, answer varies with individual !!! But my humble request is that, please never comment on security decisions without investigating it deeply !!! Its too easy to comment !!! But many of us feel pressure when taking an intra office decision !!! The pressure would be multi folded when a decision is taken on Nation's security !!! Various aspects and factors are to be considered !!!

All decision taken under peer pressure may not be always right !!! My sincere request is, comment in these situation - if you understand the problem and if you have a solution !!!

This post doesn't means that I am supporting any political party or opposing any gang of people !!! This post is just to give a real picture of decision making and various factors involved in it !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this post to your friends and relatives !!! Please write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, INDIBLOGGER and DIGG if we deserve !!!

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