Sunday, 8 May 2011

Suicide Rate - School & College Students !!!

Indians are intelligent !!! Indians are hard workers !!! These two phrases makes us proud !!! But there is a statistics which makes us terribly sad !!! India ranks highest in the number of teenage suicide !!! Suicide rate has increased by 300 % in last three years !!! This post is all about the research on this topic !!!
India has reported over 16000 deaths in schools and colleges !!! But I don't think we people analyzed the cause and came out with solution !!!

How many schools have provided counselling to students ?!!? How many schools and college have student recreation department or club ?!!?!?

While making analysis on this topic, I got various contributory factors !!!

1. Academic Pressure
2. Parental Pressure & Comparison
3. Fear of loosing
4. Hype given for exams
5. Seeing his seniors who committed the same
6. Not having a steady from of opposite sex
7. Punishment / ill-treatment in school or college
8. Rejection of love

These are some major contributory factors of suicide in India !!!

Now one simple question before you - All these factors did exist before 10 - 20 years or not ?!!?!?

As far as my knowledge is concerned, all these factors always exist !!! It is the personnel mentality which changes !!!

When I was studying, my teachers used to punish me everyday !!! I have got more number of slaps and whips !!! I still survive !!! When punished, if I report my parents they used to ask a simple question "What you did ?" !!!

Then after telling my activity for which I got punishment, they used to share their story !!! What would have happen if my parent's teacher was at same situation !??!?! It will give me a satisfaction that I am not harshly punished than my parents and also I began to realize that the activity I did was punishable !!!

But if the same happens now, parents don't have time to analyze what has happened !!! They just bark at teachers !!! They bark in a way that, their child has never done any mistake !!! This makes the child feels that, this mistake is not punishable !!! So he continues doing the same again and again !!!

And one fine day, when you suddenly punish/ hurt your child (who has already lost his ability to accept mistake) his thoughts go in negative direction !!! If he is strong enough - he opposes you and this society !!! If he is weak, he commits suicide !!!

I don't say what all teachers do is right !!! In recent past, I have seen many schools giving some corporal punishments for the students !!! Student should realize that he has committed a punishable offence !!! That's it !!! Not to the extent that he gets hurt deeply !!! Recently in a school in Bangalore, a 4th standard girl was asked to attend the class nude for not doing homework !!! Is this fair punishment !?!?

Because of few teachers like them, many good ones gets spoiled !!! At some point of time, its necessary for us to be bit harsh in telling child that what he/she does it wrong !!! Teachers are the best way of communicating the same !!! We should realize it !!!

The main reason for suicide, I suppose is Betting on Child !!!

I have listened a phrase - "Child has come to Earth from you, not for you" !!!

It was very clearly illustrated in 3 idiots movie - Child is not the garbage to dump parent's dream !!!

We in this modern World, dream big about our child !!! Even some of the parent's reserve seat for their child in schools before his/her birth !!!

Every parents has rights to dream on  their child !!! I never say it is wrong !!! But never force your dream on them !!! Never show big faces when your child failed !!!

When he gets a failure - motivate him !!! Tell him some motivational stories !!! Tell him, even Sachin has scored Zeros, sometimes !!! But what we do ?!?!? We appreciate him when everyone appreciates !!! We blame him more when everyone laughs at his failure !!! Does making him a feel that loosing is unbearable !!!

He begins to think, loosing is a crime !!! I could never encounter loosing in my life !!! But is this possible ?!!?!

We people see winning as a race !!! For me to win, you has to loose !!! So some day or other, everyone has to loose !!!

One famous Tamil poet has said - Winning is a hangover and Loosing is a epic !!!

The solution I prefer to minimize number of suicides are,

1. Students should be taught to take success and failure equally !!! They must be made to realize that in every failure they learn something which will make them succeed next time !!!
2. Eradicate Rank system in schools and colleges !!!
3. Let it be teachers or parents, forget the word compare !!! Don't teach the word compare for students !!!
4. Share your stories !!! Spend some time with your child !!! There are many things in this World other than education and money !!! Never let you child feel idle !!!

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  1. Comparison shall be stopped....Dis even continues even if the person goes college r job etc....evryone has own talent...lets motivate dat...

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