Friday, 6 May 2011

Have you ever seen your face during different situations ?!?!?!?

Recent survey says, we all treat our FACE something unique than other parts of our body  !!! This post is all about face and just about why we say that - "Face is the index of the mind" !!! Also we will show you how you will be looking in different situations !!!
Face is really God's biggest gift !!! Generally scholars say that there is a language by name Body Language !!! Though hands and legs and our body posture contribute to this language, the heartbeat of body language is FACE !!!

Any situation, our face gives a reaction !!! Even if we try to resist our reaction, many of us doesn't succeed in doing so !!!

Research says only very few people admire their face !!! But the percentage of Women is well above the men in case of admiration of their face !!! Women are comparatively well aware about how their face will look at different situations !!! Hence it is very easy for them to serve as source of attraction !!! It's not my view, it's a analysis done !!!

Psychiatrist's say that person who spends some time before mirror and admires his various reaction, begins to love himself !!! This love gives him a confidence about his look !!! This helps him make look more presentable !!!

Many of us would have noticed this in many movies !!! Generally our heroines spend considerable time before the mirror and appreciate themselves !!! It is nothing wrong in doing the same by us also !!!

We practically see the face of others and note their expression during different situations !!! But we fail to do so within ourself !!! This is where the problem arose !!!

Everything in the World has a solution !!! From today, spend 3 minutes every morning before the mirror and just admire yourself !!! This is not a joke, you will feel the change in you !!!

Now lets come to entertainment quotient !!! For those who missed to admire their face till date (people like me) click here and check how your face will look at different times !!!

"Catch the girl only with her eyes" - This is very popular phrase !!!

If you wanna know the art of reading people's mind using their face, then click here !!! Just create an account with minimum details (free of cost) and start learning !!!

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  1. I really appreciated the way u have written regarding the Face expression at different situation. I appreciate the way U study Female & Male expression. Nice 1 Keep it up.

  2. Wonderful blog. This will make a lot of positive change to lots of people, if they can read this. Worth sharing.

  3. Well, my comment only is,these people are able to mask their lying and make it impossible to tell whether or not they are telling the truth. They have no facial expressions of lying or any other body language signs that are detectable in most other people. 6_6