Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What God Demands !!?!?!

On seeing the topic I hope you all guess what could be the discussion in this post. Certainly it is about the money which plays a significant role in our life.

Before entering into the post I would like to say that the following points are just my views and opinion.

We know our country is known for Temples, its architecture and interest of Devotees toward God. I wish to share about the Topic with experience which I had while a recent visit to famous Mandhir (Temple) in Puri (Orissa).We four friends went for a trip and it was a nice journey.

Once we reached the entrance of temple, an Old man approached us and demanded Rs.10 for Prasad (eatable dedicated to God) for doing Darshan (seeing God). We agreed and we asked the same in the counter, in his presence. But the person in counter said there was no Prasad in that rate and asked us to get for Rs.50. Doubtfully we agreed and bought. Then we proceeded for God Darshan. Old Man asked Rs.10 from each of us, but I was not interested in that deal, whereas my Friends paid the money demanded by him. Then he asked us to keep all of our hand in the Prasadha, subsequently he chanted some Mantra and requested to repeat the same. We too repeated it unwillingly.

While Darshan the Pandit asked us money for no reason. We observed that if we pay him the money we will be allowed to stand there for some more time. As we didn’t paid we asked to move away from the place in few seconds. Everything went this way and finally our Darshan completed. The old man came towards us and again Demanded Rs.10 from each of us. This time none of my friends agreed to pay, because we all angry towards the old man as he took money for no reason.

Like this for every reason Devotees were demanded money in different ways by people working in the Temple/Devasthanam.

In the second temple it was a different experience .The Pandit asked the visitors to buy Prasadha of Rs.10 from him. He said if we didn’t buy the Prasadha, God won’t give Darshan for us. It was funny to hear but created a serious concern. We people decide the likes and dislikes of God. God never segregate rich and poor. But our Pandits and temple management do. Temples are going to be good business in near future.

Temples are said to be a place for peace. But actually are they?!!? I went in search of peace and finally got frustration. Till we have people who visit temple only when they need help of God or only when they did any crime, these sorts of people will exist.

We people use God as lifeline and these pandit and temple management use us a lifeline. They earn from us by saying God’s name. We earn from others with a determined share to God.

One final call – God never demands or accepts money. If you want to donate, feed a poor or educate a poor. Sins once made cannot be forgiven just by dropping money in God’s Undi. Make this point very clear.

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  1. absolutely true.....
    got same kind of experience in Sri rangam.....
    one more pity/funny thing to watch, God has become a template for beggers too....
    Kadavula ivanga kitta irundhu kapatharadukke oru aal venum!!!!!!....