Tuesday, 17 May 2011

After some time ...

I meet a new person today !!! I develop friendship with him !!! That time, if you ask me I could explain 100 positive points about him !!! But as the time goes, my view on him changes and only his negative points remain in my mind !!! This post is all about why it happens ?!?!?!?Let me start this topic with a simple question !!!

What will be your first activity when you enter any new place (say school, college or office) ?!?!?!?

And almost many of us will have an unified answer - find a person to share your thoughts !!! In simple, find someone to talk !!!

Human being is a social animal and most of us cannot survive without expressing our thoughts !!!

Whenever we enter a new place, we are urged to find someone to talk !!! We don't expect any character match that time !!! We just need a moral support that time !!!

After some enough discussion, our mind starts comparing him with our self !!! I am more educated than him !!! I am more wealthier than him !!! These sort of comparisons create some mismatch in us !!!

Scholars say that, Friendship between two people should be between their noses !!! I should not touch your nose !!! I can just come to your nose tip !!!

If you maintain this level of friendship, then there wont be any problem in relation !!!

But we people generally posses extreme characters !!! If we love a person, we love very deeply !!! If we hate a person, we hate to the core !!!

This happens with almost everyone of us !!! And the universal truth is that, at any point of time - you will think someone as a good friend !!!

Friends are the only relations we select of our own !!! There is no limitations whatsoever in selection of friends !!! But we our self select a person !!! We share our thoughts !!! But we could not sustain our relationship !!! The prime reason is that, up to certain level of comfort - our mind looks for affection and relationship !!! But when we reach comfort level, ego comes into picture !!!

Now its up to us to ignore our Ego and maintain good relationship with our loved ones !!!

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