Thursday, 19 May 2011

Real Beauty !!!

In my view, Real + Beauty = Reality !!! In this modern trend, many songs are being remixed !!! But even then, they could not make us forget the real piece !!! This is the fact that, reality cannot be demolished !!!

Let me start with a lively example !!! Only few of us are good in interpreting the modern art techniques !!! For those who have knowledge in this, its a real beauty !!! But for many others its just a scribbling !!!

For people who are gifted with vision, Tajmahal or any nature is a real beauty !!! For people who are gifted with hearing, music is real beauty !!! For person who believes in god, statue of god is real beauty and for person poor person, food is real beauty !!!

Its just a perception which determines the beauty !!!

The place which appears beautiful today, may appear ugly tomorrow !!! But only thing which remains constant is our mind and inner thoughts !!! This unchanged parameter is the real beauty !!!

The happiness in the World can be felt only if our mind and heart are happy !!! These two parameters decide the look of a thing !!!

My stand is that, beauty is not real !!! Various external parameters determine the beauty of a particular specimen !!!

The real beauty is our strengths !!! Real beauty is our efforts !!! Real beauty is our hard work !!! Real beauty is our attitude !!!

One final call on this topic, there is no limit for beauty !!! Our internal satisfaction decides the level of beauty !!! The correlation is that, there is no limit for attitude and knowledge too !!!

So the real knowledge is our attitude and knowledge !!! Shape these two to near perfection and realize that there is no limit for these two !!! This truth is the REAL BEAUTY !!!

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