Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sharing - Won't this be good !?!?

While in search of job, most of us must have heard about Group Discussion (GD) a part of selection process in most of the companies !!! If you ask me, why group discussion is kept as a part of selection process, I would reply - to check my efficiency when I work in a group !!! This post talks about one peculiar group discussion !!!

For just a salary of Rs.10,000 an individual needs to express his talents individually and in group !!! After joining a concern we people discuss inter / intra group quite frequently !!!

This is because many minds think better than single !!!

Now my question is, how many times, all CM in India have met in a common place at once and discussed !?!?!?

Though many politicians have grey shades, everyone of them possess some positive in them - for which they are elected !!!

When every one of them meet, the qualities could be exchanged or shared !!! This would mould them into near about perfection state !!!

Let me point out an example, I am good in industrialization !!! You are good in finance management and investments !!! If we both join together and work, we would improve in twice the speed !!!

This is my intention !!! I don't think there is enough time left with us or with our politicians !!! Team work in politics is essential, independent of parties !!!

Why can't politicians share their knowledge ?!?!

When Asia was puzzling about tidal power, Mr. Narendra Modi came forward to experiment with it in Gujarat !!!

When India was facing reduction in underground water, Ms. Jayalalithaa implemented Underground Water storage system !!!

When Bihar was facing Racism and rowdism, Mr. Nitish Kumar made a revolution and now Bihar is almost peaceful !!!

Mr. Modi , Ms. Jaya, Mr. Nitish all might have followed different strategies for implementing their decision !!! They could have independent style !!!

But if they come forward to declare their style of work / approach / tactics which they utilized in this project, it will benefit others !!!

Future generation can take this as reference and execute in their own way !!!

Already we have lost many things !!! Our traditional treatment methodology, construction techniques, literature etc !!! History says Indians were first to do Brain Transmission !!! Till now, there is no clue of how to repeat it !!! Even now, some buildings which were built in India are day dream of World's best engineers !!!

But if they would have documented it and kept it on the record, it would have been useful now !!!

Now, I even want corrupted politicians to write the way they corrupted the nation !!! They could maintain a dairy or a document and release it after their death !!! Atleast, it would educate we people how corruption was performed !!! We would avoid repeating it in future !!! This would be the greatest help by him !!!

Now, finally - We all know that our Supreme court is in revolutionary mode !!! It is implementing some appreciable schemes and rules !!! If it can bring a rule that every Politician shall maintain a track of their achievement and share with others !!!

Also once in a year or once in three years, if a meet takes place between all the CM, headed by PM, it would give birth to some brain storming sessions.

This is my view !!! You might be reserving your own views !!! But my humble request is, share your views so that it could be implemented !!!

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