Wednesday, 4 May 2011

You decide the look of our blog !!!

Everyone of us might expect a better look for our blogspot !!! But theoretically speaking, its very difficult to satisfy everyone in the world !!! This post is to make the user decide how the blog should look like for them !!! I dedicate this post for all blog readers !!!Here are some views which user can select when visiting the desired blog !!!

Firstly, let me show different styles for our blog !!! Then at the end let me tell how to use the same for other blogs too !!!


The flipcard style will make the blog appear as shown below !!! If you would like to view this blog in flipcard manner, please click here !!!


The Mosaic Style will make the blog appear as shown below !!! If you wish to proceed our blog with this style, just click here !!!


The Sidebar style view will appear as shown in the figure below !!! To view our blog in this style, click here !!!


The snap shot view will appear as shown below !!! Just click here to continue to this blog in this view !!!


This style will make our blog appear like this !!! Just click here to continue in this fashion !!!

Using this view for other blogs !!!

If you want to read other blogs also in the same style just follow the instructions given below !!!

1. Open the blogspot, you want to learn !!!

2. Copy the URL !!!

3. Paste it in an address bar !!!

4. Say the URL pasted is !!!

5. Now change the URL as stated,

For FlipCard View,

For other styles, similarly change the name (After view) !!!

Google Chrome has launched new chrome extension for dynamic view of blogs !!! Users can click here to install the same !!! Once clicking on the Blog symbol in address bar, you can switch to different styles available !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Please do write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, DIGG and INDIBLOGGING if we deserve !!!


  1. Seems for techno guys, to improve their templates and blogging style....

  2. I have added some additional information to this post at the later stage !!! So I kindly request users to make use of it also !!!