Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Food we eat, eats Us !!!

I hope, many of you would have guessed what could be the topic of discussion today !!! Yeah, it is about ENDOSULFAN !!! In this post, we will be seeing what is Endosulfan and some shocking and interesting fact about Endosulfan !!!
What is Endosulfan !?!?!?

Endosulfan is highly controversial insecticide !!! It is controversial because, it almost possess a property of Poison (acute toxic) and can interrupt endocrine functionality !!!

Is this used in India ?!?!?!

We all shall be very proud in saying that, India is one of the very few countries where Endosulfan is still in use !!!

Is Government aware about Endosulfan ?!?!!?

Recently, Stockholm Conference was held !!! 173 countries attended that conference !!! The issue in consideration was ENDOSULFAN !!!

Debate was done, regarding the usage of Endosulfan in International market !!!

125 countries said NO to Endosulfan !!!

48 countries were left !!! Out of which 47 countries realized the effect of Endosulfan and were silent !!!

One single country, stood up on a fight against banning Endosulfan !!! And that is our India !!!

Our Agriculture Minister, Prime Minister and Environment Minister all were in support of Endosulfan !!!

I was also puzzled, as you !!! I just made a study, weather there are any measures against Endosulfan in India !?!?!?

I got a very good answer for it !!!

Kasargod District in Kerla has huge Cashew nuts cultivation !!! From 1976 to 2000, these people were said to use Endosulfan as fertilizer (thrice a year) !!! Endosulfan was just sprayed over the crops to enhance the output !!! Everything was fine !!! Endosulfan started contaminating the crops and water !!!

And now, it gave rise to "Hiroshima Syndrome" !!!

As many as 4600 people has become prey of this disease !!! Govt of Kerla is giving them free treatment !!!

Research has been done, and report was submitted to agricultural ministry !!! But no action was taken !!!

If you wish to see some of the effects of Endosulfan, click here !!! (Not for light hearted people)

Now Few Trivia !!!
  • Only Country which is fighting for usage of Endosulfan is India !!!
  • It is scientifically proved that Endosulfan could infect human and Environment !!! Also it is prime source of cancer !!! 
  • Also it reduces the reproductive capacity in Men !!! And it may lead to handicapped baby in case of women !!!
  • Now, India is appealing everywhere and seeking support to remove the stay on Endosulfan !!!
It is the Nation's Economy which is under serious treat !!!

India is Agricultural Country !!! Farmers are not educated about the ill effects of Endosulfan !!! Prolonged exposure to endosulfan may make them unproductive !!!

Finally, Don't think that it is only the farmers who are going to be affected due to usage of Endosulfan !!! The yield got from the usage of Endosulfan can have serious impact on human being !!! 

One side, Nuclear power is crushing us !!! Other side Endosulfan is threatening us !!! 

All Educated people, who are aware about this scenario remain silent !!! No NEWS channel has took this issue seriously !!! They are still busy in following actors and their TRP !!!

Please guys !!! Wake up !!! Spread awareness !!! Pass this message about Endosulfan as much as you can !!! Some of your parents or relatives or friends or their parents may be farmers !!! Take this issue to them !!! Make them understand that what they use today, may take them as a prey !!!

Please, lets take this serious and spread this awareness !!! Even if a single person shares this thought, that's the biggest victory I could be awarded !!!

Finally, this post is dedicated to all 4600 people who were infected due to Endosulfan !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Please write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, DIGG and INDIBLOGGING if we deserve !!!

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