Sunday, 22 May 2011

First Aid !!!

What is first Aid ?!?! Why it is important ?!!? Few basic first aid tips and how can wrong first aid yield dangerous results !!?!?! This post is all about first aid !!!
First Aid is the basic medical attention given to a patient before proper medical treatment !!! Generally first aid is to provide immediate relief for the victim !!! But at times, wrong first aid leads worst results !!!

Why First Aid is necessary ?!!?!?

Suppose your friend / loved one met with an accident and he is suffering before you !!! You would be eager to help him !!! But how could you help, without proper knowledge ?!?!!? Every one of us need to be aware of basic first aid !!! I even recommend Govt to add First Aid as a subject in school curriculum !!!

Let me tell you a fact !!!

Most accidents gets more serious because of lack of first aid knowledge !!!

An example !!!

Consider a guy falls from a stair case !!! He encounters minor fracture !!! But due to lack of awareness, we people just hold his leg and carry him in wrong position !!! This unintentional action leads to Major fracture !!!

There is some prescribed procedure for treating different patients !!! At least every people should know some of the basics !!!

It is evident from the road accident statistics that 30% of patients could have been saved if proper first aid is given !!!

Already we live in the country where there is not even SINGLE doctor for THOUSAND patients !!! It is essential for all of us to be aware about our health !!! I never mean everyone of us to become a doctor !!! But I need everyone of us to become competent enough to treat our loved ones in case of extreme emergency !!!

As an initiative, today I share you about life saving position !!!

If you see any person badly injured, just put him on his side !!! The recovery position is shown below !!!

If you are really interested in knowing more about first aid, please click here !!! And I will post a first aid tips everyday, if you people let me know via feedback !!!

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