Saturday, 7 May 2011

Belief - You should Believe !!!

Yesterday I was just browsing in the net !!! Found one video !!! The content of the video and my thought matched !!! So just thought of sharing the same with you !!! It's a motivational video !!! No sound required !!! Just read the sentences written in this video and get yourself energized !!!

I always insist on one thing - Belief !!! A thing which can change the World !!! Everything in the world is belief !!! I have seen many people playing by throwing child up in the air !!! Child has never cried for it !!! Instead child smiles !!! Because child has a belief that you will catch him / her !!!

Its just like that !!! I have heard my known person saying that, I am already 40 + and so now I can't learn anything new !!! Don't try to change me !!!

They remain unchanged till the end - because they believe that they cannot be changed and so they are !!!

Many of us are now proficient with English or our mother language !!! Do we know that language before our birth !!??!?! Its the absence of negative attitude which made me learn a language swiftly and perfectly !!!

Now, let me make an attempt of learning a new language !!! Thousands of thoughts will fly over my head !!! Why should I ? How should I learn ? Is it necessary ? How will I be benefited ? And so many !!!

So that, it takes lot many days for me to learn and also I could be so proficient as my childhood language !!!

You can practically cross check this !!! Call a guy who learnt driving in his earlier age (say at 5-7) and a guy who learnt driving at early teen ages (say 13-15) and a guy who learnt after 17-19 years !!!

Check their confidence level !!! The first guy would probably excel in this field !!! This is because he had no second thoughts with him when he learnt driving !!!

As we grow, the negativeness in us also grow !!! That is what explained in this video !!! I personally recommend you - its worth watching (even if you are busy) !!!


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