Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What is Happening !?!??!

India is developing in economy !!! India is improving in Industrialization !!! India is improving in food production !!! But crores of people die without even single time food !!! This post tells is a gentle remainder of what is happening in India !!!

Before entering today's topic, Let me apologize for a technical fault due to which our post 10 WAYS TO OVERCOME DEPRESSION AND SADNESS was deleted !!! We are purely responsible for the mistake and assure such mistakes wont happen in future !!! We value your time !!!

India was invaded by British !!! Before British invaded, India was one of the richest country !!! Now my mind makes me think differently !!! British people bought in some developments in India !!! They constructed some bridges, roads, rails etc !!!

We conquered our mother land from British and handed it over to local thief !!! These people develop themselves pushing our Nation backwards !!!

India is leader in storing money abroad !!! Swiss bank is filled with Indian accounts !!!

Also India has other few titles also !!! People who can sell their body parts for money !!! A Nation which is used for experimentation of money !!! A agricultural nation in which many farmers commit suicide !!! A Nation in which many people live without single time food !!! Family Suicides are more in India !!!

All these titles can be resolved if we get out of our first title - Black Money !!!

These black money stored in foreign Nations are our wealth / tax / natural resources !!! We all know this !!! Till now there is no action taken on them !!! Report says Indians are now prepared to by Island !!! But there are also Indians who cannot afford to buy a kg of rice !!!

Can these black money holders survive without help of our politicians ?!?!?! Mark my words, one day or other if the black money enters India - India can become supremo overnight !!!

We might have heard this saying - India is poor country but Indians are not poor !!!

I wanna discuss this small topic !!! Theft are theft independent of the amount !!! This is Indian Law !!! Agreed !!!

The person who steal Rs.50 from our pocket in bus is caught red handed and trashed like anything !!! He is been taken to police station !!! Trashed there and his photo is been taken and its hanged in all police stations and public places !!!

But what do you think !?!?! Will Mr. A. Raja, a person who is said to have stolen 1 Lak 76 Thousand (second biggest scam in the World) be treated like them ?!?!!? Never !!!

I really wonder !!! He has also stolen money from our pocket !!! The money he stoled was out tax money !!! Its our country's money !!!

Head of "Owners Association of India" has appealed Indian Govt to allow them to give them a chance to convert the black money into white !!! How it is possible !??!? I don't think all of us are Mahatma or Christ !!! We are after all human !!! We have emotions !!! How can we forgive them and allow them to still be in the owner's chair ?!?!!?

But one thing is for sure !!! One day or other India will get back all its black money !!! And this is the only way for India to become Supremo power !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this log to your friends and relatives !!! Please write back to us !!! Do vote in INDLI, INDIBLOGGER and DIGG, if we deserve !!!

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