Thursday, 12 May 2011

Impress !!!

Impress - A very good English word !!! Almost all of us, at some point of time would have tried to impress someone !!! Impressing someone is good ?!?! Let's see all about impress in this post !!!
Let me start with an universal saying - "Even God cannot impress every human" !!!

There is no problem in impressing anyone !!! But the problem is, we change ourself to impress someone !!!

Let me start with an example !!!

A Boy and a Girl !!!

Since Girl could be impressed by courage - boy starts hiding fear !!!

Since boy could be impressed by courage - girl starts hiding knowledge !!!

I could prove it !!! Take examination results of Twelfth Standard ( +2 or Intermediate) Girls pass percentage will be more than boys !!! Probably a girl would have been state first !!!

But after marriage, if a girl talks about Indian economy - she is sent back to her dad !!! Her thoughts are not respected !!! In order to impress her husband / child / parents-in-law, she starts sacrificing her knowledge !!! I have practically seen many talented girls in kitchen, sacrificing everything to impress their equal half !!! You might have also ?!!?!?

Not only girls, but also boys do sacrifice !!! Everyone in this World fear !!! Fear on something - may be cockroach, lizard or devil or something !!! But in front of a girl, boy doesn't know the meaning of fear !!! It is because girls like courage !!! So boy starts being courage !!! More than Job pressure, this pressure snick him !!! He stops expressing his fear !!! He stops crying !!! He goes against the nature !!!

Even cinema, portrait hero as a brave guy !!! Hero should never cry !!! And heroine can sing, dance, do makeup and can be owner of the MNC but after marriage she should cook in kitchen !!! If she doesn't cook - she will be given negative shades, since she never respect her husband !!!

This is where confusion arises !!! We link each and every word with respect !!! Impressing me and respecting me are totally different scenario !!!

For instance, you can respect everyone !!! But can you impress everyone ?!!?!?

Even Rajinikanth cannot !!! Even Sachin cannot !!! Finally, even GOD cannot !!!

This impressing phenomenon affects our individuality in many aspects !!! We mould ourself for appearing good before others !!!

This happens everywhere !!!

In school we study half heartedly to impress our teachers !!!

In work, we act before our superiors to impress them !!!

In our daily life, we dress, laugh, speak, walk, make up everything with an intention of impressing others !!!

Now impressing has mixed with our blood !!!

But psychology says, there are two mind for every human !!! One Mind works when you are alone and unnoticed !!! Other works when you are in public !!!

The real character of the individual is the first mind - which works when you are alone !!!

The latter is just a mask we wear to impress people !!! When people changes, our mask changes !!!

The end result is, Loss of our identity !!!

So, my humble request is, you select a day !!! Live for yourself !!! Do whatever your first mind says !!! Live your life !!! Assume that you are the only person in this World !!!

Finally, it is very difficult to change our real mind !!! The mask changes !!! On reading this post, your public mind would have made some changes !!! But it would not last long !!! The one which remains forever is the first mind !!! Make some practice to tune it up !!!

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  1. Yeah it seems to be absolutely right..
    but what can be the practices to tune up our first mind??

  2. Will share it in upcoming posts !!!