Saturday, 28 May 2011

Facebook !!!

No one would have never imagined that a social network could be a part of our life !!! This sentence holds good just before inventing Facebook !!! This post is all about Facebook !!!
Firstly, some trivia about Facebook !!!

  • More than 500 Million active users !!!
  • More than 250 Million users login Facebook on any given day !!!
  • People spend over 700 Billion minutes in Facebook per month !!!
The concept of status has created revolution !!! What is in your mind now ?!!?!? This is the explanation given to status !!! And for surprise, this status keeps on getting updated !!!

Many mails and posts have come regarding status !!! When a girl just adds LOL, you can see 100 comments below !!! Even when a boy writes a great summary about India's future - there won't be any response !!!

Then comes profile picture !!! I don't know why, but I see many people are very much concerned about this profile picture !!! People come forward to social network - but still they use fake profile picture !!! I still don't get their concept !!! If they wanna private life and if they wish no one should see their face, why should she / he use social network ?!!??!

Pictures of flowers, sceneries, pet animals, child & Popular actors / actress have become the latest trend !!! I still cannot understand the reason behind it !!!

Then I came across one more shocking fact !!! After introduction of Facebook many people have forgotten their family members !!! They hardly spend time with them !!! Its too crazy to hear !!!

And now come to Friend finder browser of Facebook !!! It is really amazing !!! I got back some of my old friends via Friend finder !!! But it also displays many and many unknown personnel !!! So a Facebook user should have a stiff setting to escape from request of fake friends or unknown personnel !!!

Lastly, a concept of Poking !!! There is no definition given to this word till date !!! Probably this word was added to English dictionary the day Facebook was invited !!!

Facebook is a good platform to communicate with friends !!! Totally agreed !!! But be sure your security settings are strong !!! Below mentioned are some tips which could be incorporated to strengthen your account further !!!

1. Open Facebook & Login !!!
2. Account -> Account Settings !!!
3. Click on Account Security !!!
4. Under Login Notifications, check on send me a email box and click save !!!

By doing so, whenever you login, Facebook will ask you to name the computer !!! For example, if I give name as Home, I will get a mail that you have logged in with a computer named home !!!

1. Open Facebook & Login !!!
2. Account -> Privacy Setting !!!
3. Click on VIEW SETTINGS below Connecting on Facebook !!!
4. Here you will be able to control all the basic features which you can permit or block !!!
5. You can also preview your profile with your friends name !!!

Tune your account to your wish by using these security features !!! Also keep in mind that always login Facebook with https (secured) version !!!

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