Friday, 20 May 2011

Is this Negative Thinking ?!?!?!?

We all know that there exist positive and negative thinking !!! But many of us not clear with the concept of thinking !!! We assume there is nothing negative in certain regards, where negative really exists !!! Lets see some interesting examples in this post !!!

UK is a country with 28 million cars !!! There occurs 3000 accidents annually !!! India with same amount of 28 million car faces 13000 accidents annually !!!

What could be the causes ?

1. Over Speed.
2. Condition of vehicle
3. In-competent driver.
4. Driving with effect of alcohol.
5. Use of mobile phones / breakage of traffic regulation.

These may be some major contributing factors !!! But now let me tell you the truth !!!

In UK average driving speed is 140 KMPH !!! In India I don't remember I have traveled in such a speed !!! The maximum speed by Indian drivers in Indian roads is just 120 KMPH !!!

This is where we really fall short !!! We buy a vehicle maintain it unless free service is been provided !!! Then we never care to service our vehicle, unless it gets breakdown !!!

I will never agree this third point !!! Our drivers are very competent !!! Put them in foreign roads and see them drive !!! They will drive better than foreigners !!!

This factor makes the difference !!! No driver dares to drive vehicle under influence of alcohol in foreign !!! But in India 40% of accidents are due to influence of alcohol !!! What control does Govt took to prevent this !?!? Its still an unanswered question !!!

Use of mobile phones and breaking traffic rules are very common practice in India !!! We break the signal and pay a penalty of Rs.100 !!! Why can't this penalty amount be raised to Rs.10000 ?!?!? Let the person who breaks the rules and regulation pay it !!!

Research says, above all these points there exists one more point which leads to accident !!!

It is "Value for ourself" !!!

We never realize our value !!! Touch your heart and say how risk we live !!! We cross the road even after seeing a vehicle rushing up in that road !!! We expect the motorist to stop !!! Our life is with motorist !!! We do it before our kids, so they too do the same !!!

We cry and feel after everything happens !!! But how many of us have educated a kid to wear the seatbelt !!?? India is leading the World in road accidents !!! What steps it has taken to reduce it !?!?!?

Did we add a subject of Road safety in our school books ?!?!!?

Did we implement severe penalty system for breeching traffic norms ?!!?!?

Did we cancel license for drunk and drive case ?!!?!?

I can still show you some horrible pictures of people travelling on a roof tops of the bus !!! We all would have noticed 1000 of people crossing the road in heavy traffic without proper precaution !!!

Do they remember that there is someone waiting for them at their home ?!?!!?

If I say you to be cautious, I may be certified as a man with negative thinking !!! My answer is, if there is only positive thinking there should not be a single road accident !!!

My call is, Safety is not a negative thinking !!!

Be safe and educate your loved ones to be safe !!!

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