Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Charity !!!

Charity - The word which is loosing its existence in modern World !!! Love for money and lack of time are two main pillars which suppress charity !!! This post is all about the change in the modern charity !!!

I don't know why, but students are generally interested in charity !!! But when the same student starts earning, he starts running behind money !!! Its so strange !!! Then on analyzing this, our basic attitude reflected - Finding a reason to escape !!!

When I was a student I told myself that I have no time and money to spend for charity !!! When I start earning, I start thinking the person who earns more than me is not paying - why should I !?!?!?

First let me define charity !!! Charity needs money !!! But charity is not only about money !!! Some good heart and service oriented people can contribute more than what money does !!!

I could hear your feelings !!! If we pay money, we could get people who could serve !!! Fine, so money is ultimate charity in today's scenario !!!

Now, how much money we afford to pay for charity every year ?!?!!?

Many of us are tongue tied !!! We don't have any answer whatsoever !!!

What are the qualities you monitor before making a donation to charity ?!?!!?

Statistically speaking, 90 % of people demand of TAX exemption !!! They never bother weather the money is spent in a constructive way or not !!! All they need is tax debate !!!

I sincerely appreciate these people !!! At least they come forward to make some contribution !!!

My small request to these people is, Please select the charity / organization which could really do some constructive work !!! Of course they too will have tax debate !!!

Recently I came to know about one of such charitable organization !!! The name of this organization is Mypeople !!! (Click here to visit)

Mypeople is a charity organization run by group of educated people !!! Dream of a group of Engineers resulted in Mypeople !!! These people never go for big publicity or marketing strategy !!!

For example of educated mind, see the services they concentrate on,

  • Orphanages (click here for website)
  • Employ Differently Abled (click here for website)
  • Donate your organ (click here for website)
  • Blood donation (click here for website)
And most importantly, these people also have registered themselves for Tax exemption !!!

Let me confess, I involved this charity name in my post because I felt satisfied with their service !!! There is no nepotism involved in this post !!! But my sincere request is that, if you are interested in donating, please visit this site - and just make a try !!!

If you are still a student or a person with some reason, please spread about this institution to people who can make a donation !!! Supporting hands are always essential for big success !!!

To be very honest, I write this post from bottom of my heart !!! Generally I write posts for making it popular !!! But its not like that in this case !!! This is a small charity I can do as a blogger !!!

Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Please write back to us on our Facebook page or via comments !!! Do vote in INDLI, INDIBLOGGER and DIGG, if we deserve !!!


  1. very interesting your in my blog roll and i'm following you now,hope you do the same tc

  2. Thank you !!! Will keep up to your expectations !!!