Thursday, 30 June 2011

Are you a mail user !?

Mails have become a common media of communication nowadays !!! Even it is used for authentication purpose in offices / MNC etc !!! In this post we will see how your mail can take you to a critical position !!! 

Before few years the only security issue concerned with mail was hacking your mail account  !!! But now, the scenario is totally different !!! Many of us use internet banking, online purchase etc !!! We register for this service with our mail id !!!

Of course I agree - we should use strong password for our mail id (click here for knowing more about password protection) !!! But that's not the end of the road !!!

We people are aware that bank people won't demand our password or account number or any sort of thing via mail !!! This has been instructed to us every time we meet them !!!

But what about your friends ?!!?!? Will you share your account number if your friends asks !??!?!?!

Probably we might do, if our close friend asks !!!

The recent scenario is that - don't believe your friend always !!! Before sending him the number, just call him and confirm !!!

Nowadays we can see many mails coming from our friends / relatives - which will have an URL !!!

For example, the URL may appear as but when you click there, it will take you to some other site (for example, try clicking the link mentioned above - don't worry it won't take you to hazardous location) !!!

This happens !!! This happens with most of us !!! Generally the links in those mails takes us to potentially dangerous places, where many programs try to capture our password or disable our antivirus !!!

Trend Micro company has declared that - by the end of May 2011, a mail script was forwarded to windows live mail !!! When we click on the link - an script starts functioning automatically and collect all our personal details !!! This problem was solved !!! But many people from different countries fell prey to it !!!

Hope you people are aware that collecting personal details is almost hacking you Id - because any mail provider require your personal information during mail id recovery !!!

When a program attacks and disables the anti virus script - it continues attacking the same computer again and again thereby making it still weaker !!!

The standing instruction given by Trend Micro Programmers is to look carefully on the link that we get in our mail - before clicking on it !!! Many times, we click on the link in hurry !!!

The most popular links sent to our mail may be of,

These links are totally different from what we actually predict !!! (links are just for sample)

Trend Micro also advises to update anti virus data base regularly !!! Turn on automatic updates of Windows !!!

But my advice is, please look carefully before you open the mail !!! If you see the single link is been forwarded to many recipients, its the alarming bell for you !!! Look carefully and confirm to the concerned personnel before clicking on the link !!!

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