Thursday, 9 June 2011

18 or 21 ?!?!?!?

Some of you might have guessed the content of the post !!! For some who didn't, our High Court feels that marriage age of girls shall be increased to 21 in case of love marriage and remain 18 in case of arranged marriage !!! This post is all about our views about judgement !!!

Firstly, let me quote the judgement of the judges and share my perception on the same !!!

“ In our opinion, the girls below the age of 21 years are not capable of forming a rational judgment as to the suitability of the boy, with whom they are in love. It is relevant to mention that those girls, who are suffering from hormonal imbalance easily fall prey to the boys and fall in love, marry and repent at leisure,” the judges said !!!

I am really happy that our HC is alert !!! It is mandatory thing !!! Big mistakes happen from small negligence !!! And one of such small negligence is, early marriage of girls !!!

We all might have noticed this !!! Girls are always emotional, sympathetic and they seek love, care and affection !!! Due to some external reasons, when love, care or affection decreases from parents, they begin to search the same in others !!!

We must accept this, boys are suppliers of love care and affection till the time of marriage !!! So girls get attracted towards this !!! Then boy starts playing emotional game, which is the weakness of almost 90% of girls !!!

Boys lie and Girls tear can achieve anything in this World !!!

Girls believe boys lie and become prey !!! Their life gets ruined !!! 

I never mean to say that girls cannot be cheated at age of 21 !!! But they would be 3 more years experienced !!! So boys must think more precisely to cheat !!! Also girls get 3 additional years to change their emotional decision !!!

I read this shocking fact few days before !!! Many love in villages and small towns are not to love or affection, but due to force !!! Few days before I wrote a post on Stockholm Syndrome (click here to read it) !!! It is the main source of love in many villages and small towns !!!

Generally speaking, Boys search for a Girl who reflects his mother !!! Girls search for a boy who can be her guardian and care taker !!!

The main reason quoted by Judges is MATURITY !!! Though Girls are excellent in their academic areas, its boys who win in case of maturity (is this correct !?!?!) !!!

Scientifically speaking, Girls are more matured than boys !!! But science also says this, Girls always consider various factors before taking decision !!! They are matured animals !!! They think about various good and bad before performing a task !!!

Now, since a girl considers various factors in her decision, probability of taking a wrong decision is more - in case of pressurized situation !!!

When she comes to know its her life's turning point - she gets pressurized !!! When a guy just gives her a dead line for her decision - she gets pressurized !!! When she experience love and affection more from a guy than her parents - she gets pressurized !!! After all this influence of cinema, friends, their own thoughts - pressurize her further !!!

Finally she looses her maturity and takes a decision !!! She is really lucky, if the boy is good enough !!! But, curtains if he is with cheating intention !!!

Let me end this post with one small story !!!

Once there lived two lady crabs !!! They both were searching for life partner !!! Crab X had a huge expectations about her life partner !!! One day, Crab Y suddenly got married with a crab !!!On seeing it, Crab X decided to get married ASAP and breached her own expectations !!! Crab X saw a crab who walked straight (generally crabs walk in diagonal pattern) !!! She got impressed and married him - even though he didn't fulfill any of her expectations !!! Next day, X saw her partner walking in diagonal way !!! She got shocked and asked him to walk in straight manner !!! Husband replied - I walk straight only when I am drunk !!!

Many Girls just love because their friends have boy friend !!! Some time it could lead to more dangerous situation too !!!

Probably these case would have been considered by HC for this judgement !!! Anyhow I am very happy !!! Hope parents could also be more happier than me !!!

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