Monday, 27 June 2011

Pure Water - Free of Cost !!!

We have heard about solar power production, solar water heater etc !!! But Indonesian people go one step ahead and utilize solar power for water disinfection !!! This post is all about SODIS !!!

Let me begin with a very good news !!!

This SODIS is 100% free of cost !!!

Generally on hearing solar, people think that these process are extremely costly !!! But its time to change our view now !!!

And for using SODIS, all you need to invest is two PET bottles (preferably white colour) !!!

Here comes the methodology !!!

1. Take a water bottle (say less than 2 liter bottle) !!! It is advised to use water bottles which are preferred for drinking (PET bottles) !!!

2. Fill 3/4th of the bottle and shake it for 20 seconds !!!

3. Then place the bottles in the slanting roof, directly exposed to sunlight !!! (Preferably on a roof with aluminium base) !!!

4. Keep the bottle exposed to sunlight for SIX hours !!! In case of rainy or cloudy - keep it exposed for TWO days !!!

5. Now you can use the water for drinking purpose !!!

Note: Most important thing is that WHO (World Health Organization) has recommended the practice of this water disinfection !!!

So what stops you guys !!! Just communicate this to all people you know !!! 80 % of diseases in our country are water borne !!! Lets have pure drinking water and make our country disease free !!!

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