Thursday, 2 June 2011

Respect or Love !!!

If I ask you weather you prefer love or respect, at least 70% of people will go with love !!! But when I ask you the same question in an indirect way, probably the percentage may reduce by considerable amount !!! This post is all about Respect or Love !!!

Don't speak with your sub ordinate casually !!! If you give him some space, he will take advantage of you !!!

How many of us would have used this phrase in our life ?!?!?! We might be a jovial character !!! But we will portrait ourself as a serious personnel before our sub ordinates !!!

But why ?!?!?!

The reason is, if we deal with them with love, they start to talk freely with us !!! They start sharing their ideas and we can influence them with love !!!

But if we just command and just maintain a distance in relationship, we will get all what we need - but with fear !!!

Let me tell you an example !!! I have joined a company and I am reaching the office for the very first day !!! There are two options left with me !!! Be flexible or be rigid !!! Since many my colleagues may not be aware about your nature !!!

I prefer to be rigid and strict !!! I will get all what I need, except friends !!! Also people may start talking about me in my absence !!!

If I prefer to be flexible and polite, I will get all my needs, but with some delay !!! People start giving second priority to me !!! It is quite natural because, they realize that I will understand their feeling !!! But what ever I get, I get with love and affection !!! I get lot of friends !!!

Now say me, how should I behave !!?!?!?!?! Friendly or Rigid !!?!?! Love or Respect ?!?!?!

I am damn sure that you are now in oscillation !!! At the beginning of the topic, you had an answer and now your answer may probably change !!!

This is never a story !!! It is so called practicality !!! No school or college teaches us this !!! We need to learn from ourself and our own experience !!!

If a character in any movie act cruel towards a person, we vote him as a villan !!! But in personal life many of us do the same !!!

Its up to you to select your path !!! But my sincere advice is, never hurt any person !!! Your sub ordinates are also human !!! They too have family, feelings and dreams !!!

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  1. I don't have a perfect english but i understand you my friend. I hope i understand. I wish a happy life for you and me, with that way or the other way I don't care. But i'm sure that, choices are so hard... sorry for my bad using languane