Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bargaining to Bar-code !!!

This post is just a remembrance of how we were and how we are now !!! Some interesting stories always capture a part of our memories, which we will never ever attempt to forget !!! This post is something of that regard !!!

Rewind our life 15 years back !!! No shopping malls !!! No multiplex !!! But there were grocery shops !!! There were vegetable vendors in bicycle !!! They were selling fresh food grains !!!

And most importantly, there was BARGAINING !!!

I could never forget people bargaining to vendor !!! It was the time when people lacked satisfaction unless they purchase a thing without bargaining !!!

But now, I could hardly see people bargaining !!! Now every where I go, people never entertain bargaining !!! They now treat bargaining as a prestige issue !!! We now go with bar-code !!!

Multinational companies and international giant have opened there outlets everywhere !!! They have no word called bargaining !!! Instead they entertain discounts !!! Bar-code determines the price !!!

I am still confused how we people changed !!! Our parents were experts in bargaining !!! But we forgot our tradition of bargaining !!! But still bargaining exist in small shops and villages !!!

In short, if the vendor is a poor Indian - we bargain !!!

I am happy that India has developed from bargaining to bar-code !!! But what about Indians ?!?!!?

The person who was a vendor before 10 years is now nowhere !!! He could not sustain international market and competition !!! In short, they are prey of our development !!!

If you say bar-code leads to uniformity !!! I could show you the difference in tag of products (of same quality and brand) in different branches of same shops !!! You people could also agree with this !!!

Here there is no conclusion !!! I am not against development !!! But I am against someone developing on our money !!! Let our Indians develop !!! Let our neighbours develop !!! Let our friends develop !!!

Its a big question in front of us - How it could happen ?!?! Surely, Govt should help us achieve this !!! Our foreign policy shall undergo a change !!!

But above all this - we should change !!! Say no to foreign products !!! Encourage Indian Products !!!

Pressurize Govt to increase our quality standards !!! ISO has become like a toy in kid's hand !!! Every company has ISO !!! Let us force Govt to have a specific norms for ISO and implement it seriously !!!

We people will also be benefited !!! No import cost !!! No indirect taxation !!! Pay for product and that too for Indian product !!!

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