Monday, 20 June 2011

Lie - Ways to find out !!!

Lie has become the integral part of our life !!! Many of us survive happily only because of white washing our lips !!! Some people think that lie cannot be found out !!! But it doesn't happen all the time !!! There are also tools to find out that we lie or not !!!

In my earlier days, I have heard that heart beat increases when someone says a lie !!! Probably it may be true !!!

In my childhood, I often visit villages !!! There they follow unique way to find the liar !!!

Suspects are asked to line up !!! Their mouth will be filled with Ragi Flour !!! They will be asked to chew it !!! After a while, if the flour gets thickened - the person will survive !!! If the person has still the dry flour in his moth - he is the liar !!!

Even this look silly, there is a scientific reason behind it !!! When any person lie, saliva secretion stops - because of tension and anxiety !!!

We all might have heard about a term "Narco Analysis" sometime earlier !!! With the help of sodium methanol, a person is taken into half sleep !!! In this situation he is put forward to a bunch of questions (say 30) !!! In that set of questions, two or three would be related to the investigation part !!!

It is believed that a person cannot lie in this state !!!

Next comes polygraph Technology !!! This device detect the changes which happen in our body, when we lie !!! He will be questioned several yes or no questions and his body reaction will be observed !!! When he tries to spell a lie, his body shows different reaction and he is caught red handed !!!

But, Narco Analysis and Polygraph technologies are banned by human right commission !!!

But the similarity between these methods are some metabolic changes when we lie !!!

Even if the person accepts his mistake, in either of narco analysis or polygraph technology - it could not be taken as an evidence !!!

But the final note is - the metabolic changes which happens in our body when we lie, is harmful to our body !!! Now, why should we ourselves work for degradation of our body !!! Let try to limit our lies !!!

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