Friday, 3 June 2011

Walk the Talk !!!

One of the famous quote we hear in our day to day life is "Its easy to advice" !!! "Advice is the only thing we get free of cost" !!! Yeah, sometimes these phrases are almost true !!! This post is all about Walk the talk !!!

Is it so difficult to do what we talk ?!?!!? Of course it is !!!

Let me give some of more practical example !!!

You are the eldest son of your parents and you have a younger brother or sister !!! You keep on advising them about importance in waking up early morning and studying !!! But everyday you sleep till 9 Am !!!

This happens everywhere !!! We suddenly feel the presence of Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha and many scholars in us when we start advising !!! We preach like a person with all good deeds and we are the first one to breach that too !!!

Let me ask a simple question !!!

How many parents have advised their child to cross road carefully !?!?!!? Almost 99 % of parents do !!! But even today, we can see thousands of elders (parents of someone) crossing roads in such a intolerable manner !!!

I can keep on quoting hundreds of example !!! Not only one you, but on me too !!!

Scientifically speaking its human psychology which makes us speak like this !!!

But intention of this post is to make you feel how your advice works !!!

Let me share a small game with you !!! You need 2 or 3 friends for playing it !!!

Eye, Nose, Cheek, Mouth and Ear !!! Hope everyone knows where these parts are !!! Now you give a clear instructions to your friends to follow your commands !!! Most importantly all your friends should be facing you !!!

Firstly, you start saying the word and touch it simultaneously !!! Example: Touch your eyes and say as eyes !!! Keep repeating these commands for 3 - 4 cycle !!! Then for an instance, say mouth and touch your ear !!! Freeze and see your friends !!!

Many of them would have touched their ears !!! Reason ?!?!?!

Though you asked them to follow your commands, they followed you !!! Very simple !!!

So better follow your advice, to make others follow your advice !!! This is very simple philosophy !!!

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