Sunday, 26 June 2011

Something to think !!!

This post might have some content which everyone might not agree or accept !!! But it is essential to have discussions on this regard !!! This post is all about hardworking Indians !!!

I had a conversation with an experienced person who spent many years abroad !!! He said me this story !!! And that story made me write this post !!! This is a real story !!!

Mr. X was the in-charge of the site !!! One poor Indian worker died (falling from height) when working in a construction site !!! Emergency situation was declared !!! But Mr. X was very cool and stated that - "Throw a Roti (a dish made of wheat) and you will get 100 Indian workers !!!"

Is this not disgusting ?!?!?!?! Another Indian manager who was sub ordinate of Mr. X, involved in a hot discussion with him relating to his statement !!!

But Mr. X never came forward to withdraw his statement !!! The following was the main reason quoted by him !!!

Many drugs (tablets) sold in India are rejected by many developing countries !!!

Asia has become dumping ground of many drugs which are banned in other countries !!! Many reputed doctors and medical agencies prescribe banned drugs !!! Indian people die because of life saving drugs !!!

It is true !!! We have to accept Mr. X !!! It is stupidity to argue further with him !!! But it is essential to make a change !!! Here am listing few of the medicines which are banned along with the reason for ban !!! If you have these medicines in your house - discard it at once !!!

Drug (Brand) Name
Reason for Ban
Vicks Action – 500
Bone Marrow Depression
Ciza , Syspride
Irregular Heartbeat
Irregular Heartbeat
Furoxone, Lomofen
Nise, Nimulid
Liver Failure
Bone Marrow Depression
Nerve Damage
Damage to sight

Please keep this in mind while selecting tablets !!! This list is just a sample list of banned list !!! 

Rather than arguing, lets begin to correct ourselves !!! 

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  1. not only for tablets...even the toys with attracting colours....there is a chemical called phthalates which is very toxic to the children...juz bcoz of the fascinating colours people were attracted towards it, without knowing that they are the garbage of the so called developed countries..

  2. Thank you !!! ll make a post out of your comments, shortly !!!