Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Economy & Life Style !!!

World is getting advanced day by day !!! Per capita income of income of individual is also said to be raising !!! Our standard of living has increased !!! All these above mentioned points are applicable only to 50% of us !!! Do we realize it ?!?!?!

Let me start this post with an example !!!

Assume that Mr. X is on the way to some meeting !!! His car gets repair !!! He just look for auto or taxi !!! Driver demands double the amount !!! Even after knowing it, he accepted !!! Finally he reaches his destination in time !!!

How did Mr. X affect others ?!?!?!!?

Mr. X may earn in Laks or whatever !!! He could afford twice the amount for this journey !!! But this makes auto / taxi driver think that people are ready to pay more !!! Hence they keep on demanding twice the amount from all !!!

Mr. X could afford !!! But can a normal monthly earner / bread runner of a family afford this much price ?!!?

This is what happening in today's World !!! IT people are paid more at less age !!! Many of youngsters might get salary higher than their parents in first month even !!! We don't realize the value for money !!!

Recent studies say that, many people are struggling with money in hand !!! They don't know right investment or usage of the money !!! This is the reason, many people gets addicted to Alcohol, Smoking etc !!! Its even very shocking to say that drinking Alcohol has been declared as Corporate culture !!!

We people have never been thought about money management or investment !!! We never attempt to know that too !!! But one more fact !!! The same youngster after marriage starts realizing his responsibility !!!

But the time period of say 5 years (between date of joining the job and date of marriage) is so crucial !!! They have money, but no commitments !!! Some use it in creative way and way to help others !!! Whereas many say that its time to enjoy and spend maximum time in shopping, pub etc !!!

I never ask you to be stingy person !!! Spend to get your wish !!! But don't corrupt !!! It is proven that youngsters value time more than money !!! So to get your job done in short span of time, you use money !!! This is how corruption spreads !!!

Many of us corrupt people even without knowing it !!! We think its token of love or appreciation !!! Whatever may be, we should learn some lessons from America's Economic fall !!!

Let us take a resolution of spending necessary money only for necessary thing !!! This will not only make you rich !!! But it will also make your neighbours satisfied !!!

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