Saturday, 11 June 2011

We Expect - But we don't give !!!

There may be several things which we expect from others !!! Love, Money, Help, Praise, A kind word etc !!! But how many of us are ready to give it ?!?!?! This post is all about what we expect from others !!!

Let me come to discussion about philanthropy on later part of the post !!! But first we can start with motivation !!!

Scientifically speaking, every human is addicted to praise !!! We all people like to be appreciated 10 times more than we are criticized !!! Independent of our work, designation and education - this theory is applicable to every individual in the World !!!

Lets play a small game !!! Take a bot of paper and a pen !!! Think about your best friend or parents !!! Write 5 points you like and dislike about them !!! It should be character oriented !!! Not like I love my mom's idly, dosa etc !!!

We will complete the list !!! But science says, if we take 5 minutes for writing our dislikes, we might take 15 minutes for mentioning our likes !!!

Try it !!!

You might have practically seen this !!! Same set of students may obey a teacher's speech whereas they never turn their ears to other teacher !!!

This is because, former teacher would have appreciated you more than he /she criticized you !!! This happens with everyone !!!

When person who always appreciates, gives a improvement point - people take it in a constructive way !!! This feedback becomes constructive feedback and they begun to work on it !!!

I myself experienced it !!! You also would have experienced !!! But the fact is we people never bother to work on this issue !!!

Reserach even says our expectation mentality is a root cause for increase in corruption !!!

Let me quote few phrases of Our Ex -President Mr. A.P.J. Kalam and end this post !!!

Wherefrom corruption originate and how do we overcome it? The root cause of corruption is in the heart of the individual. It arises from the never ending greed of what can I take? The fight for corruption hence will have to be fought against this greed and replace "What can I take?" to the spirit of "What Can I Give"? As the youth, as young officers, young politicians, young professional and students:

  • Can I give, a corruption free department, enterprise or ministry to the citizens?
  • Can I give, a voice to honest and stand up against those who are corrupted in my office?
  • Can I give, strength and support to those who are honest in my office, ministry or department and protect them from being victimized?
  • Can I give, service to the needy with a smile?
  • Can I give, a corruption free state as an example for the nation?

There are many thing to give !!! Lets be a giver !!!

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