Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Think - Accidents are avoidable !!!

One thing that makes me feel a lot is - loss of human life !!! The reason for loss may be very silly negligence or a small distraction !!! I agree that we have only less time left for developing our Nation !!! But it doesn't mean that we have to double our speed as well as risk !!!

Surviving today by committing a mistake doesn't guarantee that we will escape every-time !!! Luck may favour us once - but not every time !!!

We people are known as emotional idiots !!! We are bond with sentiments !!! But where goes our family when we commit some blunder which cause our death !!!

Many of us could have listened this phrase !!! " Do it somehow " "I want it to be done at any cost" !!!

There is good in having determination !!! But the determination should be directed in right path !!! You should have a path which may lead you to victory !!!

If we keep on doing somehow, no doubt we will achieve the goal - but we wont have anyone with us to celebrate !!!

More than fire, water and diseases - accidents kill people !!!

We people knew that truck drivers driver under influence of alcohol !!! But still there is liquor available in hotels (dabba) available all through the highways !!! Why can't we control it !??!!?

We all knew wearing helmet reduces head injuries !!! But why can't it be made compulsory !!! How many people wear helmet during time of obtaining license ?!?!?!?

Even if helmet is made compulsory, how many people will accept !?!?

Why can't manufacturing firm make it a policy of selling helmet along with vehicle as compulsory spare part ?!!? Why can't Govt give reduction in parking areas (in bus stand, railway stations etc) for the personnel with helmet !??!!?

Till date, Helmet is not allowed in malls, even they cannot keep helmet in luggage rack !!!

What concession does a person wearing helmet gets ?!!?!?

We all knew it saves our own life !!! But even then we expect something out of it !!! So why can't we frame such a concept ?!?!?!

Now come to Traffic signals !!! Touch your heart and say - How many times have you stopped in a signal in absence of traffic police ?!?!!?

I confess, I have violated numerous time !!! Hope many people are in my side !!!

Unless we meet with an accident, we assume that we are in right track !!! India is not capable of accepting 120 crore accident !!! We also have to learn from others mistake !!!

Every human gets distracted !!! It is the reason, Govt cleared all banners on road side !!! But we have a inbuilt distraction in us - our Brain !!!

98% of our genes are same as chimpanzees !!! Only 2 percent made us human !!! So we are always known for our diversion !!!

And the most common distraction is through our mobile phones - please avoid it, on roads !!!

India is like this, not because of bad people - but because of silence of good people !!!

I don't know how to end this post !!! This feelings are deep into my heart !!! Every accident has one direct victim and nearly 5 indirect victims (his family) !!!

Please think in this regard !!! I am trying to change myself !!! I request you people also to make a try !!! Lets educate people !!! Its  the only way to make India accident free !!!

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