Thursday, 16 June 2011

A renewable power !!!

This post may answer some of your questions about solar power !!! Whenever we talk about solar, we neglect it at first stretch saying the initial investments are very high !!! I have read an article in one of the leading Newspaper about solar power and how it could be useful !!! So thought of sharing it here !!!

Let it be thermal or nuclear or hydro power plant - manufacturing can be done in one place and power has to be transmitted !!!

We all know that power demand is scattered throughout our country !!! Transmitting power to extreme locations cost us 19% loss !!! Ways and means are on to reduce these losses !!!

Anyhow, Solar energy could be the best answer for this solution !!! You can generate power closer to the place you need to deliver !!! Every panchayat or every school or every college can have their own solar power plants located and they can enjoy its fruits !!!

Now come to financial part !!!

Power consumption of a panchayat (village) may vary from 3-5 MW !!! Solar energy is capable of producing this power, if 25 acres of land is allocated !!! But the problem is for production of 1 MW we need to spend 13-14 crore !!!

It is possible if Govt goes for private partnership !!! Gujarat has framed a successful model in this joint firm !!!

Gujarat Govt will purchase one unit for Rs. 15 for first 12 years and for next 13 years at a rate of Rs.12 !!!

Production, transmission and maintenance is in scope of private firm !!!

At this point - Let me give you a clear picture of what 1 unit means ?!?!!?

If a 1000W bulb operates for 1 hour, its one unit !!!

Our fan generally used 60W !!! Incandescent bulbs uses 40W !!! CFL uses 24W !!!

Now, if a 40W bulb operates for 25Hours its one unit !!!

This knowledge is the first step towards power conservation !!!

Now, getting back to solar power !!! Generally manufactured solar power could be connected to grid or non grid !!!

The above mentioned production in MW could be connected to state grid or national grid !!! This would be counted in total power production of the state !!!

Non Grid connections are usage of solar panel in houses to produce less power (for partial consumption of houses) !!!

Every house can produce 2-3 KW power, on availability of 100square feet of space !!! Production of 1 KW costs Rs. 2 Lak !!! So for production of 3 KW, we need to spend 6 Lak !!!

Already, Govt is paying 30% of implementation cost !!! So now our expenditure would be Rs.4.20 Lak !!!

If Govt gives some loan (at less interest) for implementation or some tax benefits (house tax, property tax, water tax) - many people would come forward for investment !!!

Even many private malls, colleges, marriage halls could be compelled to produce at least 20 - 25% of their total consumption by solar means !!! Stick and carrot system could be introduced for them !!!

Trivia: Govt spends up to Rs. 13 / unit to purchase from other states !!! They also spend Rs. 12 / unit and produce power through Diesel generator !!! I don't think there is nothing wrong in purchasing a unit of solar power for Rs. 14 !!!

One last note - At present many states lend power for Rs.13 / unit and supply to us !!! But we people never care about conserving electricity !!! This lethargic approach may make a state poor !!! All our tax money would be spent in purchasing power and development of the state would be a big question mark !!!

Please save electricity !!!

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