Monday, 6 June 2011

Ambassador & Akashvani !!!

On seeing title, some of you might have guessed today's content in blog !!! For someone who cannot guess, the answer is tight packed inside this content !!! Yeah this post is about the single unique character that both these companies posses !!!
Rewind our life 15 years back !!! The most famous car would have been ambassador !!! 7/10 people prefer ambassador for various reason !!! Say it mileage or body strength or whatsoever !!!

But now, how many ambassador cars you see in a day ?!!?!?

At the same time, people prefer Akashvani for its infotainment !!! Akashvani was preferred more than DD television !!! This is because of its versatile content !!!

But now, how many radio listeners listen Akashvani ?!?!!?!?

Call it game of time or whatever, but I feel its their resistance to change, that suppressed them !!!

Ambassador kept on releasing cars of same design !!! They never realized that taste of people are changing !!! They never bothered !!! They sticked to their design and pattern !!! 

In this modern World, people need options !!! They need to be somewhat better than what their neighbours are !!! They want to be different !!!

Ambassador could not satisfy its customers in this aspect !!!

Now come to Akashvani !!! I have seen my parents and grand parents listening to it !!! They enjoyed each and every program !!! Information and awareness was seeded through Akashavani !!! But it too failed to realize that audience are changing !!!

In this Modern days, people have no time to listen radio !!! They only have time to hear it !!! Statistics says that 80% of radio listeners listen to radio while driving, reading books, working or while performing any job on main course !!! It means, now trend is, Radio listening has been side tracked !!!

So I better prefer to call today's people as radio users than radio listeners !!!

I guess now you could have understood what I mean to say !!!

Just keep your eyes open !!! Look ahead for the opportunity !!! Read your customers / stake holders / audience !!! Know what they expect from you !!!

But don;t loose your reality for others expectations !!! It is the correct mixture of change and your reality that makes you a successful person !!!

Learn from mistakes !!! But I hope we don't have enough time to learn everything from our own mistakes !!! So take some lessons from other's mistakes / case studies and what ever moral stories you hear !!! In this way, hope this post would have make you think something !!!

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