Monday, 13 June 2011

Challenges are most welcome !!!

Everyone of us are good in taking risk !!! But how many of us are good in welcoming challenges !!! Probably we call challenges as problems and keep on enlarging it !!! This post is all about the willingness to face challenge !!!

I have already mentioned this - believe you have potential to face challenges !!!

Lets begin with small story !!!

Once there lived a Zen Guru who is known for his skill as an archer !!! A young man who has won several competition in archery, challenged Zen guru !!! The young man demonstrated his skill by hitting at eye of a distant bull on his first try and spitting the arrow into two on his second try !!!

Then with pride in his mannerism, he asked Zen guru to show his skill !!! The guru took his bow and asked the young man to follow him !!! They reached top of the cliff which was flimsy and shaky !!! Now the master took the bow and hit the target clean and stepped back to safe area !!!

Now he welcomed, young man to show his skill !!! The young man filled with terror missed the target marginally !!!

Guru quoted him that - "You have more control with your bow !!! But you have very little skill with your mind which lets loose the shot !!!

End of the story !!!

This is applicable to all of us !!! We all are educated !!! We all are talented enough to do our job !!! But when we treat challenges as problems, we urge ourselves in finding solutions !!!

In urgency often we don't use our full potential !!!

The real tactics is that, we need to understand our problem first !!! Many of us fail in this !!! We attack on effect more than cause !!!

The second tactics is, treat problem as challenges !!!

Keep this as basic !!! Decision making comes with experience !!! And experience comes from wrong decision !!! So there is nothing wrong with wrong decision !!!

Welcome challenges !!! Take decisions !!! Improve your mind !!! Steer your life towards success !!!

Let me finish with a small story !!!

Once there was a soap manufacturing firm !!! They faced a problem that few soap boxes was empty !!! These created panic to the firm !!! They decided to fix the problem !!! On analysis, it was found that something went wrong in packing machine !!! The process was that, once soap leaves packing machine - it will travel in conveyor till it reaches package boxes !!!

Top management organized brain storming sessions and decided to order for new packing machine !!! But anyhow it would take some time !!! Management even thought of stopping production till then !!!

At that time, an execution supervisor had an idea !!! He recommended management to opt for a fan !!! We all know fan can cause paper fly !!! But its him who taught that fan can be used to make paper fly !!!

This makes the difference !!!

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