Saturday, 4 June 2011

Superstition - Environment Special !!!

World Environmental day is celebrated on 5th of June every year !!! Many of us still think that only Govt has a duty to safe guard environment !!! We think less about what we can do to protect environment !!! This post deals with very common things which we can do to protect our environment !!!

Whenever we talk about environment, water and air pollution comes into our mind !!! We people simply blame our industries for draining their effluents into water bodies !!! 

One small information for such a people !!! Now trend has changed !!! Every concern has some limitations !!! They can only release certain fixed amount of carbon in air !!! They shall have their own waste treatment plant or they should identify any recyclers for disposing their waste !!! They shall record everything !!!

Hope many of us would have heard about carbon credit and waste recyclers term often these days !!! This is outcome of some strict laws imposed !!!

So company has been limited !!! Does this mean our India will be environment friendly !!!!?!? 

No !!! We need people to change !!! How can we contribute to environment ?!!?!?

How many of us use CFL lights in our house ?!?!!? Though these light operates with just 24 W, we people are not able to afford it because of initial investment !!!

We use our remotes !!! How many of us return or dispose our battery in proper way ?!!?!? We just throw the remotes on our ground !!! We never care about its degradation process !!!

Many companies and institutions don't have on/off switch for AC and Fans since they are always in On condition !!! Does anyone of us care to off our monitor and fans when we move out of our office ?!!?

Now comes important part of discussion !!! Please don't take me in wrong sense on asking these questions !!!

Do you know how many people in India die without food !??!?!

But we people waste their food items in name of superstition !!! We use rice as a source of blessing in marriage !!! We throw the rice on grooms head and convey our wishes !!!

Believe it or not, a socialist from Mumbai has collected 30 Thousand Tonnes of rice which were just used for blessing purpose in just 3 years !!!

In these three years, Maharastra Govt has declared that 45,000 kids are dying due to lack of food !!!

Is this not the thing to think about !?!?!? Is this not the wastage of hard work !?!!?!? A Kg of rice costs 35Rs and also lot of  efforts from the farmers !!! Govt is paying subsidiary for every Kg of Rice !!! How could we waste that ?!!?!? Can't blessings be conveyed in any other sense !?!?!? Please think about it !!!

In the same way, many lemons, coconuts, salt and mirchi are wasted like anything for some superstition purpose !!!

Its reported that tonnes and tonnes of food items used during pooja can feed every Indian !!! If this food items are used for feeding poor, India will have no death due to lack of food !!!

But if I say this, even my parents would kick me out of my home !!! Many of us are unaware about this !!!

Save Tigers !!! But before that save those 45,000 kids who die every year !!! In my perception, God will be really happy if our people start saving people !!!

Just thought of sharing this !!! I am aware that there may be many oppositions and difference in views !!! Though, as a blogger, its my duty to lighten awareness in you on different aspect and hope I did so in this post !!!

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