Friday, 17 June 2011

Known Devil !!!

Technology has reached our door steps !!! We all have mobile phones !!! We even feel proud that we get full network in all areas !!! Really proud of our recent developments !!! But there are also few unavoidable effect, which we never bother to know !!!

There are lot many discussions prevailing regarding the radiations emitted by Mobile Phones & Mobile towers !!!

Though it is not scientifically proved - no scientist is ready to declare that Mobile phones doesn't cause a ill effect !!!

There are even lot many discussions that mobile network companies forces scientist not to declare the ill effects, which may have tremendous effect on their business !!! I am not sure about the percentage of truth in this phrase !!!

On my study in this topic, I got an shocking fact !!! International commission of non-iodised radiation has declared specified radiation level for a mobile tower to be 600 micro watt / Sq M !!!

But in India, even today - mobile towers are installed with a radiation level of 7620 micro watt/Sq. M !!!

Probably tough competition in the market is the reason behind this !!! We all expect very good network coverage from mobile service providers !!! If they follow International Commission's guidelines - they need to install more number of towers !!! This would financially affect them !!! So they decide to play with our life !!!

Ultimately, what everyone needs is money !!!

Though its not scientifically proven, (many of us might have even experienced) many people said to experience headache and uneasiness when they talk in mobile phones for longer duration !!!

Researchers claim that radiation from mobile tower could increase chances of cancer !!!

Some psychologist claim it has psychotic problem !!! Till then there is no ultimate conclusion !!! Blame game is still on !!!

Keep the science apart !!! We all could notice a change !!! Many birds which we saw daily are now hardly seen !!! If there is no health effects, why should develop countries ban laying mobile towers in residential areas ?!?!!? Why should International commission declare the radiation limit ?!?!!? Why the number of cancer patients increases yearly ?!?!?! Why Delhi government should order removal of all mobile towers in residential areas ?!?!!?

There are very few public litigation cases till date about Mobile hazards !!! We people must raise our voice !!! Unless we people remain silent - there is nothing good going to happen !!! Raise our voice !!!

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  1. Heartwin Rayen17 June 2011 at 17:58

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  2. According to physics and medical science mobile phone/towers cannot cause cancer.