Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Real God !!!

This post was the real happening in my life !!! This incident happened during my journey from West Bengal to Odisha !!! I feel everyone will have something interesting in this post !!! Let me share my journey now !!!

I was to travel approximately 450 Km !!! The route was mostly in Maoist belt !!!

We started early morning from west Bengal !!! Our aim was to reach Odisha by afternoon !!! Once after starting from Bengal, we observed road was almost empty !!! Then we came to know that Maoist has declared Bandh (strike) that day !!!

We were not aware of it and we were already half our way in maoist belt !!! Thank God, we reached without any harm !!!

But at this point, more than God, I should thank our CRPF officials !!!

Every 100 meters, they set up a camp !!! Team of 4 people every 100 meters !!! Really inspiring commitment !!! All four facing 4 different directions !!! Alert all the time !!!

It was showering that day !!! But rain could never  bother them !!! They were just on their feet !!! The area was full of jungle !!! They cannot even get water to drink there !!!

The main difference I noted was their commitment and discipline !!! We can never compare them with our local police !!! Their appearance was commanding !!!

We stopped at a place for a bit of relaxation !!! CRPF van too halted there !!! Nearly 20 - 30 Gods also came for refreshment !!! At that time, there came a rich man with his family !!! His small child went near CRPF personnel, to touch them !!!

I don't think there is anything wrong in that !!! But her father pulled her and gave her a slap !!! He even started scolding in English for 5 minutes !!! The reason quoted by him was, Those people looks dirt - wash your hands now !!!

I really could not control my emotions !!! I just went to that rich guy and threw out my emotions !!!

CRPF people after watching my reaction, came to me and said one phrase which I could never forget !!!

"It is not the first time it happens !!! We people are cut off from common Indians !!!"

This sentence really hurts me !!! How can we behave like this !?!?!? Educated top class people behaving in this manner is really disgusting !!!

We see many corrupted politicians being treated as God !!! We can see lot of people praying for Rajini Kanth !!! We can see lot of people praying for Indian cricket team !!! But why not for our real Gods !?!?!

World cup winning team is coming in full air conditioned vehicle !!! Our jawans (captains) are coming in truck (which doesn't even have roof) !!!

Only war we know is Kargil War !!! Some knowledge people might have known about China war !!! But everyday in their life is a war !!! We expect recognition !!! We expect appreciation !!! Won't they !?!?!?

After all, they are also humans !!! Respect them !!! India is our mother !!! We have to be proud of someone who protects and fights for our mother !!!

Respect them !!! At least don't insult or criticize them !!!

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  1. I personally feel shame for such occurence in oru country...I heard that Army people are demanding for pay hike and govt is not accepting for the ssame...So some of the unsatisfied Returned Majors returned their medals....Its pity 2 hear...those who sacrificing lives for us were not given enough pay....In any PSU if people go for strike they would be given solution/compensation....but for our Army people????


  2. great post...true...it is because of them that we are safe....:-)

  3. Hope situation will change soon !!! Education and awareness are the key factors needed !!!