Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Blood & College students !!!

Thanks to Government, Students, Social organizations and NGO's !!! These are the peoples who changed the concept of blood donation in India !!! This post is all about blood donation and donors !!!

Rewind TEN years from now - People were paid for blood donation !!!

But now, it has been declared as service !!! 

I can hear your question - What is the benefit I get from this !?!?!?

Money is a motivational factor !!! When you are paid for your own blood, many people come forward to donate !!! But the thing is, people addicted to drugs are found more in number than healthier personnel !!!

When blood of druggist is injected in our body - we may have to face very many problems !!! Their diseases may spread to us !!! There is an "Invisible Period" for many diseases !!!

What is Invisible period ?!?!

We confirm the presence of certain diseases with the specific number of bacteria / pathogen contents !!! Invisible period can be defined as a period in which there is a presence of pathogen / bacteria but their presence cannot be confirmed in tests !!!

Many people who were injected blood in the past were experiencing some problems due to these effects !!!

But now, there number of druggist coming forward to donate blood has almost become zero !!! Because they are not paid and also the minimum requirements are made very stringent !!! Thanks to this awareness !!!

But how blood bank manages to get blood !?!?!?

As I mentioned already at the beginning of the post - thanks to college students, social organizations and NGO's !!! They have made it a practice to donate blood !!! Also fans of some film actors come forward to donate blood during their star's b'day !!! This is a very good move indeed !!!

Some thing you would have known already - Some trivia about blood donation !!!

1. More than 75% of blood collected in India is from College students !!!

2. Our body manages to cope up for the blood donated in not more than TWO days !!!

3. Any boy / girl who is more than 18 years of age can donate !!!

4. Idea of Plasma compatibility is essential for donors and receivers !!! It is given below !!!

5. O- is universal Donor and AB+ is universal recipient !!!

The drop of blood you donate can save life of a person directly (and his family indirectly) !!! So please come forward and donate blood !!!

Note: This post was furnished with a mistake earlier !!! Thanks to Respected Vidya, for her inputs - which helped us correcting this post !!!

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  1. good post.......but you have changed the story other-way round man.........O group persons are called universal donors and AB group persons are called Universal recipients.......
    REF: Refer to an authenticated medical website or 12th std biology book

  2. I am extremely sorry !!! Will Edit the post at once !!! Thank you for your inputs !!!