Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Our First Enemy !!!

Meet any individual who want India to become supremo power and ask him this question - What is the first thing that stops India from being a super power ?!?!!? Many of them will give a similar answer !!! This post is all about our first enemy !!!

I hope everyone of us had the same answer in our mind !!! Yeah this post is all about Corruption !!!

I hope you all know about our Formal President Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam !!! He is the person who believes that youngsters can make a change !!! He has met as much as 1.2 Crore students in past 12 years !!! He still believes that youngsters can fight against corruption !!!

“If the wards do not like such sort of illegal earnings the parents are sure to abstain from corruption,” - Mr Kalam !!!

But how many of us does fight with our parents for their illegal earning !!! We were more selfish !!! More self centered !!! All we wanted was our needs to fulfill !!! No matter where the money comes from !!!

Statistics says on a average 80 million out of 200 million houses are directly involved in corruption !!! We keep corruption in our house and we keep on fighting it outside !!! Kids are brought up in this environment !!! They just begin to think that corruption is not a mistake at all !!! Is this what we are struggling for !?!?!?

Knowledge = Imagination + Cleanliness of heart + Determination !!!

Cleanliness of heart depends solely on parents and primary school teachers !!!

Imagination has to be seeded right from the day of birth !!!

Determination comes from positive thinking, confidence on a particular subject, education, books and good friends !!!

If we have a right combination of all three, we are to win the corruption in no time !!!

But developing this is not an easy joke !!! Many people in India have no primary education !!! Many people dream only when they sleep !!! Many people suffer from inferiority complex or low confidence !!!

How to improve all these ?!!?!? It is the biggest challenge before us !!!

Can we wait for Government and NGO's to make this change !?!?!? Do we have enough time with us ?!?!!?

No !!! Its time for every one to act !!!

This team should be lead by 60 crore youth of India !!! Its we who should act now !!! We have to spread awareness !!! We have to spread our knowledge !!!

Now comes a simple question, How can we ?!!??!

If you have a determination in making India a supremo power or If you have any idea to eradicate corruption in India, please click here !!!

Here there is no leader !!! But we have got our senior friend taking us along with him !!! Yeah, I am talking about Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam !!! This site is his direct initiative to fight against corruption !!! I request every one of you to show the power of youth !!!

You can also directly converse with Mr. A.P.J. Kalam about your ideas !!! What more ?!?!?! Register now and start acting !!! We have very limited time with us !!!

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