Friday, 24 June 2011

Volvo Buses !!!

Its always pleasure to travel in a Volvo bus !!! The comfort provided to us is extremely good in many cases !!! Agreed !!! But other people too travel on the road !!! Do they keep this in mind !!!

Let me start with science !!! We all know that air conditioned vehicles can travel faster than ordinary vehicle !!! The reason is very simple !!!

In ordinary vehicle, we keep our windows open (for air circulation) !!! When moving at high speed, the high velocity air (entering through the window) adds as an extra load !!! Where as in AC vehicles, windows are packed !!! Also control related issues are not so favourable in ordinary vehicle at high speed (due to force of wind).

Now lets take an example !!! How much hours does it takes for an vehicle (say bus) to reach a distance of 350Km, under good road condition !?!?!?

I had a same doubt !!! Went to a travel agency and inquired !!! Ordinary bus takes 7.5 - 8 hours !!! Volvo buses takes 5 hours !!!

I am totally surprised !!! I don't think air pressure will contribute to 2.5 hour difference !!!

Then in further questioning, I came to know that almost all travel agencies are adopting the concept of Volvo buses - due to positive feedback from the public !!!

I would like to tell you only one thing - Volvo buses do travel in normal routes in which we travel, in which our kids school buses travel, in which many elderly people travel !!!

I have personally noticed, Volvo buses travelling at the speed of 140 -150 Kmph !!! They have good control alright !!! But even when a vehicle crosses us in such a speed, we might loose our control or get distracted !!!

Just take a look on our recent statistics !!! Many related accidents have Volvo buses in their list !!! But how could you ensure safety of people who travel along with us in roads !?!?!?

Indian roads are designed for low speeds !!! It is totally different from an American or Dubai road (where average speed would be around 150 KMph) !!! Driving in speed less than prescribed speed (say 150 Km in America) is also a crime !!!

People are used as an instruments by business people !!! Now Volvo buses are stated as ways and means to satisfy people needs !!! Accepted !!! But none of us asked any Volvo drivers to kill personnel who travels in road along with us !!! 

If  Volvo owners need to satisfy people's need - let them have a separate road for movement of their vehicle !!! Its time for Govt also to think about it !!! We have separate lanes for express trains !!! Priority is given to express trains !!! But no such concepts prevail in road ways !!! Bullock carts to Volvo buses travel in same road !!! When will we think about this !?!?!?

Lets wake up !!! Otherwise our silence would be misused !!!

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